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Östberg - one of the largest international manufacturers of fans and energy-efficient air handling units

05 of December '23

World leader in innovative ventilation technology

The Swedish manufacturer offers comprehensive ventilation solutions. What distinguishes Östberg's Generation HERU air handling units are very good technical parameters combined with innovative solutions.

Najwyższej jakości centrale wentylacyjne gwarantują bardzo cichą pracę

The highest quality air handling units guarantee very quiet operation


Heat recovery and proper humidity level in the air

The units use one of the best heat exchanger solutions in recuperators, the rotary exchanger, which ensures heat recovery at a high level, reaching up to 86 percent. In addition, the use of the rotary heat exchanger makes it possible to maintain an appropriate level of humidity in the rooms, which guarantees maximum comfort for the building's inhabitants.

HERU SELECT - a novelty on the market!

HERU Select air handling unit is designed for commercial use. Available capacities of the unit 500, 1000, 1500 will ideally meet the needs of small business, public buildings and many others. It is controlled by the intuitive IQControl controller

Heat recovery air handling units will find application in single-family homes, multi-family houses and commercial premises.

Heru Select – nowość w ofercie central wentylacyjnych do użytku komercyjnego

Heru Select - a new addition to the range of air handling units for commercial use


The design of Östberg units and the use of state-of-the-art solutions, components and heat exchangers in them, is based on the experience and knowledge of engineers and designers. This makes them achieve some of the highest temperature heat recovery efficiencies, which significantly distances Östberg products from the current products on the market and definitely shapes the manufacturer into a leading position.

W ofercie szeroka gama wentylatorów dachowych, kanałowych, promieniowych, przeciwwybuchowych

A wide range of roof, duct, radial, explosion-proof fans is available


Östberg's offer includes:

  • Heat recovery air handling units
  • Air handling units
  • Fans: roof, duct, explosion-proof.

Trust the specialists - Östberg is one of the largest international manufacturers of fans and energy-efficient air handling units.

W standardzie każda centrala wentylacyjna Östberg wyposażona została w sterowanie Wi-Fi

As standard, each Östberg air handling unit is equipped with Wi-Fi control


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