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World leader in innovative ventilation technology

01 of December '22

The Swedish manufacturer offers comprehensive ventilation solutions worldwide. The hallmark of HERU Generation air handling units are very good technical parameters combined with innovative solutions.

Centrale wentylacyjne
Generacji HERU szwedzkiego producenta Östberg to nowoczesne urządzenia do wentylacji domów jednorodzinnych, powierzchni biurowych
i komercyjnych

HERU Generation air handling units from the Swedish manufacturer Östberg are state-of-the-art units for ventilation of single-family houses, office and commercial spaces


Heat recovery and the right level of humidity in the air

The units use one of the best heat energy exchanger solutions in recuperators - a rotary exchanger, which ensures heat energy recovery at a high level, up to 86%. In addition, the use of the rotary exchanger makes it possible to maintain an adequate level of humidity in the rooms, which guarantees maximum comfort for the building's residents.

Nowa Generacja central
wentylacyjnych z obrotowym wymiennikiem ciepła

New Generation of air handling units with rotary heat exchanger


Wi-Fi control

To ensure maximum comfort for users, the air handling units guarantee the option of WI-FI control of the unit's operation. Thanks to this, even before returning home, you can ventilate the building to feel maximum comfort in the building when returning from work. The quality of air is also of great importance in the place of work or rest.

Sterowanie Wi-Fi
rekuperatorem w standardzie

Wi-Fi control of the recuperator as standard


F7 fine filters

The air handling units are equipped with high-class F7 filters, which will clean the air of all impurities - dust, bacteria, fungal spores and even smog particles.

Schemat działania
rekuperacji w domu jednorodzinnym

Diagram of how recuperation works in a single-family house


Air handling units with heat recovery will find use in single-family homes, multi-family houses and commercial premises.
The design of Östberg units and the use of state-of-the-art solutions, components and heat exchangers in them, is based on the experience, knowledge of engineers and designers. This makes them achieve some of the highest temperature heat recovery efficiencies, which significantly distances Östberg products from those currently on the market and firmly establishes the manufacturer as a leader.

W ofercie Östberg znajdują się wysokiej jakości wentylatory kanałowe, dachowe, przeciwwybuchowe i wiele innych

Östberg offers high-quality duct fans, roof fans, explosion-proof fans and much more


Östberg 's product range includes:

- Heat recovery air handling units
- Supply air handling units
- Fans: roof, duct, explosion-proof.

Trust the specialists - Östberg is one of the largest international manufacturers of fans and energy-efficient air handling units.

For more information, visit the company's NEOVENT Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. page on the PdA portal.

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