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Twinson terrace - an ecological alternative to stone or natural wood

27 of November '22

TWINSON TARAS. Beautiful and reliable

What distinguishes Twinson brand decking boards ? The combination of wood and PVC, and with it the most important advantages of these two materials: beautiful, natural appearance and durability and resistance to wear and biodegradation. Twinson composite material is a thoughtful, ecological alternative to stone or natural wood - the wood used in the product comes only from PEFC-certified crops. Twinson offers unlimited design possibilities and user comfort, while being 100% recyclable.

Deska kompozytowa Twinson naturalnie komponuje się z otoczeniem domu

Twinson composite decking blends naturally with the home's surroundings


Natural look

Twinson decking boards blend in perfectly with their surroundings, providing a natural transition from the house to the garden, for example. Majestic Massive Pro solid plank with a protective polymer coating is extremely resistant to stains and scratches. This double-sided plank is available in four natural colors: stone oak, rustic oak, antique oak and mountain oak. Fluted on one side, the other has a surface with a melange effect and wood grain texture, making it a great visual alternative to wood decking.

Essential Terrace 's chambered boards and Character Massive 's solid boards can also be installed on both sides. Essential Terrace is available with a fluted surface on both sides, with a choice of wide or fine. The Character Massive plank, on the other hand, is finely fluted on one side and brushed on the other. They are available in six natural colors: graphite, hazel, spicy brown, gray, steel, walnut.

Lita deska Twinson Character Massive, komorowa Essential Terrace i lita deska Majestic Massive Pro ze specjalną powłoką polimerową

Twinson Character Massive solid plank, Essential Terrace chambered plank and Majestic Massive Pro solid plank with special polymer coating


Tailored to the project

Set trends with Twinson Character Mass ive and Majestic Massive Pro planks. Thanks to the solid construction of the boards, you have unlimited design possibilities when it comes to the shape of your terrace. The boards can be easily and precisely cut to any angle, without worrying about aesthetics.

You will also achieve a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing terrace with the Essential Terrace chambered board . It is dedicated to more traditional designs with simple, geometric shapes. The beautiful appearance of the terrace will be completed by elements of the finishing system (cap, masking strip, three different aluminum profiles).

Odporność na warunki atmosferyczne i zarysowania - deski Twinson z atestem ognioodporności spełniają wszystkie wymogi stawiane tarasom dachowym

Resistance to weather and scratches - Twinson planks with fire resistance certification meet all the requirements for roof terraces


Intuitive installation with a click

The intuitive Twinson Click system will help in shaping the terrace space, as well as installation. It allows you to quickly and conveniently install even the largest terrace surfaces without screws. Thanks to flexible angles, it is possible to connect aluminum structural profiles at any angle, and adjustable brackets allow leveling from 45 mm to 225 mm. On the other hand, adjustable narrow brackets with a smaller diameter are ideal for hard-to-reach places, such as against a house wall or balustrade. The available repair connectors allow you to replace the plank without problems if necessary, even from the middle of the terrace.

Wytrzymałość systemów tarasowych Twinson sprawia, że idealnie nadają się również do miejsc użyteczności publicznej

The durability of Twinson decking systems also makes them ideal for public areas


Comfort of use

Twinson terraces are a comfort of use for all household members. The boards do not require special care treatments such as oiling or varnishing - it is enough to wash the surface twice a year with mild detergents or a pressure washer. Ordinary stains resulting from daily use can easily be removed by home means. Equally important, Twinson composite material is warm to the touch and completely eliminates the risk of splinters, so typical of wooden decks.

Komorowe deski Essential Terrace dostępne są z szerokim wachlarzem elementów wykończeniowych

Essential Terrace's chambered planks are available with a wide range of finishes


Guaranteed safety

The anti-slip surface of the boards (R12/Class C), high load resistance (even up to 1450 kg/m2) and fire resistance confirmed by certificates (fire reaction class Bfl s1 and fire resistance certificate for roof terraces BROOF t1) provide full safety for users regardless of the prevailing weather conditions. Twinson planks do not contain harmful substances (confirmed by certificates for the absence of volatile organic compounds VOC and low environmental impact of the material from production to disposal EPD), and are certified by the PZH, which makes them particularly child-friendly.

Systemy Twinson nadają się w 100% do recyklingu

Twinson systems are 100% recyclable


Durability for years to come

The system's aluminum substructure, unlike wood or composite, is extremely stable and will not deform. Twinson planks have full resistance to microbiological corrosion, and unlike wood planks, they do not spontaneously crack or warp. The surface of the planks retains a fresh and etsteic appearance for years, despite weather conditions.

Stabilna i trwała konstrukcja oraz łatwy montaż na klik to kolejna korzyść płynąca z wyboru systemu Twinson

Stable and durable construction and easy click installation is another benefit of choosing a Twinson system


Top quality

The quality of Twinson decking is confirmed by the Building Research Institute in Warsaw and the German Wood Institute VHI, among others. Twinson boards have a 25-year warranty against biodegradation and a 10-year warranty against manufacturing defects. In addition, the system's manufacturer, Deceuninck Poland Sp. z o.o.., provides a 10-year warranty against stains and color loss for Majestic Massive Pro planks .

Whether used in the design of a terrace on the roof of a public building or in a private garden around a swimming pool, Twinson composite boards are a guarantee of the highest quality and reliability. What more to ask from a terrace? Maybe only that it be environmentally friendly, but the manufacturer has also taken care of that - all Twinson terrace system components are completely recyclable atDeceuninck's own recycling center in Belgium.


For more information, visit the company's Deceuninck Poland Sp. z o.o.. page on the PdA portal.

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