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Pro-vent comfort ventilation for a building with clean and fresh air

08 of October '23

PRO-VENT Ventilation Systems is a well-established manufacturing company in the ventilation industry. The company offers more than 50 types of MISTRAL recuperators with capacities in the range of 100 m³/h ÷ 6,000 m³/h. They are designed for residential buildings and public buildings, including health care and educational facilities, manufacturing plants, storage rooms and office buildings. The MISTRAL BSR line of air handling units is also designed for ventilation of swimming pool rooms.

Nasza oferta to coś więcej niż pojedyncze produkty.  To harmonijny system wentylacyjny mający pozytywny  wpływ na zdrowie i znacząco podnoszący komfort w budynku

Our offer is more than individual products. It is a harmonious ventilation system that has a positive impact on health and significantly increases comfort in the building



MISTRAL CITY recuperators designed
designed for individual ventilation of apartments
and small houses.

Dedicated series of recuperators MISTRAL CITY is designed for individual ventilation of apartments and small detached houses up to approx. 120 m² of floor space. Both new and thermo-modernized buildings. Each model is precisely designed for installation in small spaces of kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, hallways, above the washing machine, refrigerator and others.

Płytowy gruntowy wymiennik ciepła redukuje kosztowną ucieczkę ciepła z budynku z powietrzem wentylacyjnym

The plate ground heat exchanger reduces the costly escape of heat from the building with ventilation air


Another advantage is its light weight - only 17 ÷ 19 kg. What's more, the unit is very quiet, making its operation almost inaudible. Keep in mind that the issue of acoustics is extremely important because the recuperator is most often installed in living quarters where people are present.

Plate ground heat exchanger
- free heat in winter and coolness in summer

The plate ground heat exchanger is an essential component of energy-efficient ventilation solutions, providing economical operation and virtually cost-free cooling. Free heat and cooling energy from GWC reduces heat escape from the building, which in practice means lower bills and at the same time increased living comfort. The ground heat exchanger has been certified by the National Institute of Public Health and received a Technical Recommendation from the Building Research Institute. This means that it is a safe and reliable product. GWC takes care of the air quality, acting in a health-promoting manner. In short, under the surface of the exchanger, natural purification of air from bacteria and fungi takes place. This process is 100% natural.

MISTRAL CITY schowany nad lodówką lub w każdej innej szafie zabudowanej

MISTRAL CITY hidden above the refrigerator or in any other built-in cabinet


Anti-allergy and anti-smog shield
- for the sake of clean air

Pro-Vent has developed a complete anti-smog ventilation system for buildings, ensuring a constant and controlled supply of only fresh air free of pollutants, even in conditions of high PM1, PM2.5 or PM10 dust. The solution is based on the integrated cooperation of the PRO-VENT MISTRAL recuperator with the anti-allergen and anti-smog PRO-VENT CLEAN R air filter.

Elektrofiltr PRO-VENT CLEAN R. Stworzyliśmy barierę, która nawet w 99,95% oczyszcza napływające do budynku powietrze

PRO-VENT CLEAN R electrostatic filter. we have created a barrier that even 99.95% purifies the air coming into the building


This innovative feature creates a barrier that cleans up to 99.95% of the air coming into the house and protects the building from uncontrolled inflow of pollutants from outside. The PRO-VENT CLEAN R electro-filter catches and neutralizes chemicals, dust, bacteria, viruses and allergens. It turns the air into a crisp breeze with its built-in ionization function.

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