03 of December '19

MISTRAL P is a line of air handling units adapted for installation in the suspended ceiling space

MISTRAL P 1100 EC is a unit with a compact design and very low weight. These two features, as well as the designed inspection cover on the side of the unit, are its advantages appreciated by installers during installation and transportation. The MISTRAL P 1100 EC weighs only 62 kg. To facilitate the installation of the unit in tight inter-ceiling spaces, the air handling unit MISTRAL P 1100 EC has configurable spigots of self-change on site.

Applied fans from reputable manufacturers operating at relatively low speeds guarantee very quiet and economical operation of the unit (low energy consumption), while maintaining a high disposition compression of the air handling unit. The design of the air handling units allows all maintenance and service operations to be performed from the side of the inspection cover, from the side of the unit. This reduces the required service space, simplifying operation and at the same time facilitating the installation of the unit. Another convenience is the ability to customize the air handling unit's stubs at the installation site. The casing of the unit with additional acoustic and thermal insulation provides high tightness and rigidity of the casing while maintaining excellent insulation and acoustic properties.


Ventilation of offices, public buildings, buildings with an area of up to about 560 m2. Designed for installation under the ceiling (suspended unit).


  • lightweight unit,
  • small dimensions,
  • high resistance to freezing,
  • possibility to change the configuration of stubs independently.
  • low power consumption of fans,
  • compact design.

Available sizes: MISTRAL P 400 EC, MISTRAL P 600 EC, MISTRAL P 600, MISTRAL P 800 EC, MISTRAL P 1100 EC, MISTRAL P 1100, MISTRAL P 2000 EC, MISTRAL P 3000 EC

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