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Lindab Airy Glass - ventilation in beautiful relief

03 of September '23

Can ventilation be beautiful and designer? Of course it can! Although 90% of ventilation system components are hidden in the false ceiling, there are some products that must fit perfectly into the style of the room in which they are located. Meet Lindab Airy Glass supply and exhaust valves, with a glass front panel.

Lindab Airy Glass występują w 24 wzorach i kolorach

Lindab Airy Glass comes in 24 designs and colors


Glass as a finishing material has been eagerly chosen by interior designers for many years. It allows to optically enlarge the room, lets more light through and reflects it beautifully. Thanks to the possibility of painting and placing any structure on its surface, glass is a very versatile finishing material. This is also recognized by the creators of interior design products, including visible ventilation elements such as ventilators, exhaust vents and grilles, which also need to match the increasingly designer interiors.

Lindab is following the trends and, as a manufacturer of high-quality, Swedish-made components for ventilation systems, isintroducing a glass finish to its range. New designs for Lindab AIRY Glass supply and exhaust valve panels have gained glass fronts, whichcome in as many as 24 variants. These include colored glass in matte or gloss, with wood, concrete and stone textures. This is ideal for spaces requiring an elegant finish, such as offices, law offices, conference rooms or villas.

Zawory idealnie wkomponowują się w zabudowy meblowe

The valves blend in perfectly with furniture fittings


The AIRY Glass valve is designed to be mounted on the wall or in the ceiling. It can be used in both new and remodeled installations. Thanks to its smart fastening, it allows for easy installation. It consists of two components: a valve body (AIRYB) and a flat front panel. The valve body is tailored to fit on a fitting or is mounted through an adapter using dedicated hooks.

The front panel, which comes in two shapes, round and square, is attached to the body with special hooks. The valve body must cover the edge of the product on which it is attached. The maximum diameter of the edge for ø100 is 133.5 mm, for ø125 - 152.5 mm, and for ø160 - 187.5 mm. The Airy Glass valve can be equipped with blanking panels, providing two- or three-way airflow.

Dostępne są w dwóch kształtach: okrągłym i kwadratowym

They are available in two shapes: round and square


Lindab AIRY supply and exhaust valves also come in galvanized steel (standard) and stainless steel (on request) finishes. The full range of Lindab Airy products can be explored at

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