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DISCOVER INNOVATIVE KAISAI PRODUCTS: air conditioners and heat pumps

06 of December '23

Discover KAISAI's innovative products

The dynamic development of the Polish HVAC sector inspired Klima-Therm Group to create the KAISAI brand in 2011. The company specializes in providing technologically advanced equipment for heating, air conditioning and ventilation. Innovation and quality - these words best characterize KAISAI, as evidenced by the growing popularity of the brand's products both in Poland and throughout Europe.

Klimatyzator kanałowy KAISAI SLIM KTI

KAISAI SLIM KTI duct air conditioner


When launching new products we focus on energy efficiency and innovative solutions, thanks to which our devices are distinguished not only by their high quality, but also by their functionality and intuitive operation. At KAISAI we are aware that the future of the HVAC industry is shaped by ecology and the fight against climate change. We are constantly participating in industry trade shows, looking for innovative solutions and testing new technologies that will help further help the world's green transformation. Respect for the needs of the environment is a priority for us, and this is reflected in our products.

Klimatyzator ścienny KAISAI IC

KAISAI IC wall air conditioner


Wall air conditioners - in the service of temperature and design

Is it possible to combine year-round thermal comfort, low electricity bills, full comfort, and remarkable design?

Definitely yes! Modern KAISAI wall air conditioners today offer much more. They cool, heat, take care of the air quality in the room and perfectly highlight the design of the interior. A range of available models allows you to customize your choice for different types of facilities - from houses and apartments, to offices and commercial premises. All KAISAI wall-mounted units use environmentally friendly R32 refrigerant, and standard equipment includes a Wi-Fi function for controlling products via mobile devices. For lovers of design, we recommend the KAISAI ICE model. Not only will it take care of thermal comfort and air quality in your rooms, but through top-class design and elegant colors, it will become an unobtrusive decoration of any interior.

Klimatyzator ścienny KAISAI FLY

KAISAI FLY wall air conditioner


Multi-purpose multi-split air conditioners

Multi-split air conditioners are excellent solutions for large spaces. Homes, corporate headquarters, open spaces - these products will work anywhere where a single unit would not be able to effectively cool the entire interior. The design of the multi-split system allows the installation of 2 to 5 indoor units to a single cooling unit, with each unit operating individually and having the ability to independently regulate the temperature and adjust the power to the needs of the users. KAISAI's offer includes a range of products that can operate in a multi-split system - wall, cassette, console and duct air conditioners, which provides flexibility in the selection of units depending on the parameters of the premises and customer requirements.

Klimatyzator kasetonowy KAISAI Kompakt (KCA)

KAISAI Kompakt cassette air conditioner (KCA)


Heat and cool from the ceiling to the floor
(or vice versa)

KAISAI offers a range of units that can be easily adapted to the size and character of the interior. These include ceiling, floor, console or floor-to-floor air conditioners. The former are ideal for rooms with suspended ceilings (offices, conference rooms and commercial premises). The aesthetic supply panel blends smoothly into the surface making the device almost unnoticeable. KAISAI floor-to-ceiling air conditioners, on the other hand, will find use in commercial buildings without suspended ceilings, due to their flexible choice of installation location.
We also have in our offer portable air conditioners, which with their power and efficiency are not inferior to their permanently installed counterparts. Mobile units can be used not only in private premises, but also, for example, in historic, museum interiors and where renovation is impossible.

Pompa ciepła Split (KMK) z zasobnikiem C.W.U

Split heat pump (KMK) with DHW tank


Heat pumps - a nod to ecology

Is it possible to recover heat energy from the air and then use it to heat or cool your own home, depending on your needs and the season? Yes! Modern devices such as air-to-water heat pumps help to do this. Due to the benefits they bring to investors, they are among the most popular heating solutions on the Polish market. Among the advantages it is worth pointing out not only their ecological nature, but also their energy efficiency, ease of operation and excellent performance.

Particularly noteworthy is ourMonoblok R290 air-to-water heat pump, which owes its name to the ecological refrigerant R290 used in it. The device is characterized by the highest energy class A+++, high water exit temperature and quiet operation. The combination of environmentally friendly refrigerant R290 and inverter technology makes it possible to provide efficient heating and cooling of the house and domestic hot water, even in extremely cold climates. An additional advantage of the pump is the stylish design of the housing with a distinctive wave pattern and original panel without visible screws on the surface of the unit. Thanks to this modern design, the R290 heat pump will fit perfectly into the surroundings of the plot.

Pompa ciepła Arctic Power R32 (KCHP)

Arctic Power R32 heat pump (KCHP)


Another unit we would like to draw your attention to is the Arctic Power R32 - a compact reversible air-to-water heat pump with high power for space heating and cooling, as well as for hot water production. This product, is an ideal solution for new buildings. It will also find application when modernizing existing installations, including those with traditional radiators. The heat pump will work effectively in residential, industrial, commercial, warehouse or public buildings.

Arctic Power is a monoblock design, and its big advantage is the use of the Plug&Play solution, thanks to which the user receives a complete, airtight, ready-to-operate device, which does not require the installation of a cooling system. In addition, the product is equipped with an electronic microprocessor controller with a display that allows full optimization of operation, viewing and configuration of parameters, as well as the ability to connect to the BMS via Modbus RTU.

Klimatyzatory przenośne KAISAI

KAISAI portable air conditioners


KAISAI also offers ventilation products, such as recuperative air handling units, as well as photovoltaic with the highest technical parameters and above-average energy efficiency. KAISAI photovoltaic modules and inverters have full certification and a multi-year warranty, and their characteristics are adapted to Polish climatic conditions. As a company operating in European markets, we strictly comply with EU regulations. Our commitment to quality and compliance has brought us not only customer satisfaction, but also prestigious awards such as the Golden Emblem Customer Laurel 2022 and the title of TOP Brand.
We provide our customers with products that we ourselves would like to use.

Klimatyzator kasetonowy - KAISAI SUPER SLIM (KCD)

Cassette air conditioner - KAISAI SUPER SLIM (KCD)


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