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Fulco - leading Polish manufacturer of street furniture and innovative smart city solutions

06 of December '23

About us

We are a leading Polish manufacturer of landscaping elements and innovative smart city solutions. We disseminate good practices in landscaping. In this regard, we support designers and investors in the search for model solutions.

Sopot – Plac Przyjaciół Sopotu

Sopot - Plac Przyjaciół Sopotu


We advise at the stage of preparing a landscaping project, as well as during its implementation. Our specialists will select the elements of small architecture, their placement and the materials from which they will be made.

Zestaw piknikowy Bevel

Bevel picnic set


Public space

We deal with elements of small architecture at every stage. We design, implement and develop our products to meet the requirements of urban life as much as possible. In addition, we expertly advise at every stage of cooperation and guarantee the highest quality of service with the specialized service of our team. We advise customers on the selection of products, materials and colors from our offer.

Ruda Śląska – Osiedle Bykownia

Ruda Śląska - Bykownia Housing Estate


We are happy to work with architects together to create unique and quality urban space. We create author's collections of urban furniture and design patterns of our own products - also on customers' orders. Our team of engineers develops the best technological solutions that ensure durability over the life of the product. All furniture is made in Poland using primarily materials from Polish suppliers.

Sosnowiec – Dworzec PKP

Sosnowiec - railway station



Due to the continuous development of the company, we are constantly expanding our product range, introducing modern and ecological production solutions to create friendly and safe public space.

Ławka Wave

Wave bench


Our product range includes benches, garbage cans, bicycle racks, flower pots, loungers, picnic sets and recreational facilities. We also offer smart products such as modern bus shelters equipped with infokiosks, inductive chargers, LED lighting and an ecological power system based on photovoltaics. This year we have expanded our offerings with more products, keeping both timeless design and ecology in mind. In our architect's zone you can find all our products with the possibility to download and implement them in your project.

Fortepian Cadenza

Cadenza Piano


Cadenza year-round outdoor piano

Our mission is to improve public spaces with more than just traditional solutions. During our partnership with the innovative Cadenza brand, which has lasted for more than 4 years, we are currently the only partner and manufacturer of year-round outdoor pianos. This unique solution has already found its way to many Polish and foreign cities. Everywhere they are located they inspire and bring people together. The instrument is made of architectural concrete and stainless steel, making it resistant to weather conditions and use in public spaces. The piano is not only an instrument, but also an IoT solution that allows its operation to be managed remotely.

Świerklaniec – Centrum Przesiadkowe

Swierklaniec - Transfer Center


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