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Durable , durable and univocal architectural concrete in public spaces

06 of December '23

Architectural concrete in public space

Contemporary urban architecture is evolving. It is looking for new, innovative materials and solutions that will prove themselves not only in terms of functional requirements, but also provide a satisfactory aesthetic experience. In this aspect, architectural concrete is gaining more and more popularity, which, due to its innovative variety, is becoming an attractive solution for architects and designers.

Ławka z betonu architektonicznego GAAG – przestrzeń miejska

GAAG architectural concrete bench - urban space


Architectural concrete stands for durability, strength and versatility.

This makes it one of the more readily used materials for shaping urban spaces. Its ability to provide a unified style makes it often used in the creation of promenades, plazas and other elements of urban infrastructure. Concrete is combined with a variety of colors and materials, which perfectly matches wood, brick, glass, metal or composite. The application of architectural concrete can be very different, and only the customer's imagination is the limit. At least when he chooses customized concrete elements.

Betonowa donica z siedziskiem drewnianym GAAG – budynek użyteczności publicznej

GAAG concrete pot with wooden seat - public building


Custom concrete elements - what are the possibilities?

The modern customer tends to be demanding and less and less often decides on serial solutions, and more and more willing to build a unique space around him. To meet these expectations, GAAG offers the service of making concrete elements to individual order. As a long-standing and experienced manufacturer of architectural concrete, it creates non-standard elements of small architecture, i.e. tables, decorative pots, benches, fences, openwork panels or unusual classical or cubic structures.

Betonowa ławka z siedziskiem drewnianym GAAG – Szkoła Ławka z betonu architektonicznego GAAG – przestrzeń miejska Podstawowa w Środzie Śląskiej

Concrete bench with wooden seat GAAG - School Bench made of architectural concrete GAAG - urban space Elementary in Sroda Slaska.


Combining concrete with wood, steel or glass gives designers and architects new and unlimited possibilities for creating environments. The same is true of the very structure of the concrete surface, which, when subjected to special treatments such as grinding, shotblasting or etching, can acquire a completely different aesthetic dimension, which can further ennoble the created space.

Mała Architektura Betonowa GAAG – przestrzeń miejska

GAAG Small Concrete Architecture - urban space


GAAG company deals with the implementation of unusual orders starting from the creation of workshop drawings through the construction of specialized molds to the production of precast elements in any shape or material combination.

For more information, visit the company's {tag:Manufacturer} page on the PdA portal.

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