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Small urban architecture that has transformed hundreds of Polish and European cities - from STYL-BET

06 of December '23

STYL-BET has been in business for 32 years, over this period its products have transformed hundreds of spaces in both Polish and European cities.

Siedzisko TARA deco w dwóch wariantach - o długości 100 oraz 200 cm

TARA deco seat in two variants - with a length of 100 and 200 cm


Manufacturer of small urban architecture.

The basic technology used in production since 1991 was washed concrete. The characteristic layer of exposed natural aggregate, available in a wide range of colors, became Styl-Bet's hallmark. As the product range developed, the color base of aggregates was gradually expanded. The last milestone was the introduction of a line of deco products made in architectural concrete technology. Their minimalist form, muted colors and modern design make them a perfect complement to modern architectural projects.

Donica modułowa z betonu architektonicznego

Modular flower pot made of architectural concrete


Concrete outdoor stairs

Developed by the Company, the systems of concrete outdoor stairs made in washed concrete technology combine safety, durability and exceptional aesthetic qualities. One of the features that distinguishes the stairs from STYL-BET's offer compared to competitors is that each order is made strictly according to the customer's design. The sets of openwork stairs and first floor stairs are an option for those who need a complete solution. The customer receives a set of elements ready for assembly, made of the highest quality materials, which guarantees safe use for many years.

Siedziska z betonu architektonicznego

Architectural concrete seats


We also offer cladding of stair treads, this is an option for those who want to refresh the appearance of existing stairs and give them a unique character. This is a great alternative to ceramic tiles. Our facings are made to the size specified by the customer, we create both straight and arched prefabricated, so we can take on almost any challenge. For proponents of minimalist forms of development of home space we recommend stairs made in architectural concrete technology. Smooth and raw surface of stairs made of this material fits especially well with arrangements designed in modern style.

Donica Maryla2 deco wykonana w technologii betonu architektonicznego

Maryla2 deco flower pot made in architectural concrete technology


Coherent composition in space

One of the many advantages of small architecture made of concrete is the possibility of making many different elements of identical texture and color. For the base which can be, for example, a bench or a flower pot, the customer can order complementary elements such as street garbage cans made in identical color. STYL-BET pays special attention to ensure that they are both functional and do not disfigure the place where they are placed. The company offers many models with capacities ranging from 30 to 120 liters.

Seria WISA deco - kosz uliczny oraz ławki bez oparcia

WISA deco series - street basket and backless benches


Modern city baskets made with architectural concrete technology such as the square WEGA deco basket with a capacity of 30 liters or the fifty-liter RELAX deco series basket are perfect for modern space designs. For admirers of a more classic style, we offer baskets made of washed concrete, such as the large 120-liter MATEO basket.

Realizacja wykonana na indywidualne zamówienie - zestaw siedzisk betonowych w Berlinie

Realization made for an individual order - a set of concrete seats in Berlin


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