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Small architecture in urban space - concrete flower pots, benches and stairs Styl-Bet

25 of November '22

Nowadays it is difficult to imagine an urban landscape without benches, street garbage cans and other elements of small architecture. Although we don't pay much attention to them on a daily basis, we still want these elements to be functional and aesthetically ple asing. It is also important that they form a coherent composition together with other elements of the space.

Ławka WEGA, siedzisko CUBE 41 oraz donice ROCA

WEGA bench, CUBE 41 seat and ROCA flower pots


Bet on greenery!

Greenery plays a hugely important role in urban space. The simplest of ways to bring it in is to use pots. STYL-BET company offers many variants of this element of small urban architecture. Flowerpots are available in various shapes and sizes, from small ones such as the round flowerpot MARTYNA, to MARILA, into which trees can be planted. One of the novelties in the company's assortment are prefabricated flowerbeds made to the size specified by the customer. This makes it easier to maximize the use of available space, and a wide color palette makes it possible to personalize the final appearance of the product.

Modułowe donice wykonane z betonu architektonicznego

Modular flower pots made of architectural concrete


Leisure in the urban space

Urban life forces a constant pursuit. Therefore, it is important to be able to easily find a place to rest. The benches and seats offered by STYL-BET are perfect for such cases. The manufacturer has opted for a classic combination of the raw surface of architectural concrete with boarding made of softwood, exotic lumber or durable composite.
An example is the RELAX series of benches available in three lengths - 150, 200 and 320 cm. Massive concrete elements, despite their large size, do not dominate the place where they will be set up. Benches in this series are available in many variants, both in versions without backrests and with backrests. In STYL-BET's offer you will also find seats, that is, purely concrete elements intended for resting in urban spaces.

Siedzisko TARA 1 z betonu architektonicznego

TARA 1 seat made of architectural concrete


Fight against garbage

One of the best ways to keep public spaces clean is to allow everyone to make their own contribution. A great help in achieving this goal is the placement of trash cans in common spaces. Their manufacturer - the company STYL-BET pays special attention to ensure that they are both functional and do not disfigure the place where they will be placed. The company's offer includes many models with capacities from 30 to 120 liters.
Modern city baskets made in architectural concrete technology such as the square WEGA deco basket with a capacity of 30 liters or the fifty-liter RELAX deco series basket will be perfect for modern space designs. For admirers of a more classic style, we offer baskets made of washed concrete, such as the large 120-liter MATEO basket.

For more information, see the company's STYL-BET Przedsiębiorstwo Wielobranżowe Jurewicz & Paradowski Sp. J. page on the PdA portal.

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