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Air conditioning of the future available today!

06 of December '22

Air conditioning of the future available today!

Haier brand air conditioners are the most technologically advanced units available on the market. The rapid development and raising of standards in the innovation of HAIER products is associated with the operation of the world's largest Air Conditioning Research and Development Center.

Thanks to advanced research processes, a number of functions with health-promoting properties have been applied to HAIER appliances. It was the first manufacturer to introduce the UV-C STERILIZATION function in air-conditioning units, inhibiting the SARS-CoV-2 virus up to 99.99%*. Besides, HAIER has created an air conditioner and air purifier in 1, achieving high air purification parameters from viruses and bacteria.

Haier EXPERT Plus z nagrodą Red Dot Design Award

Haier EXPERT Plus with Red Dot Design Award

© Haier

The No. 1 brand in the world!

HAIER is at the top of the Euromonitor rankings, both in the SelfClean cleaning function category and in the category of connected and remote-controlled devices worldwide.

Quiet operation. Haier air conditioners take noise control technology to a new level, down to 15 dB(A).

Friendly control. Control can be done via a smartphone app connected to the unit via Wi-Fi, remote control or wired controller.

Eco-pilot sensors. Efficient Eco-pilot sensors save energy by 67% while offering comfort and convenience. The smart sensors detect potential energy loss using a human activity sensor and a sunlight sensor.

High-quality filters. Haier air conditioners with the 3M purification filter system provide air free of various harmful substances such as hair, dust mites, pollen, fungal spores, bacteria, exhaust fumes and smoke.

Sterowanie WI-FI jako standard we wszystkich jednostkach ściennych

WI-FI control as standard on all wall units

© Haier

Haier's wide range includes:

  • Split air conditioners with inverter technology, which can be used for cooling and heating depending on the mode of operation. Designers can choose the right type of air conditioner to fit perfectly into the investment: wall, cassette, ceiling-to-floor, ducted.

  • Multi Split air conditioners with inverter technology for air conditioning from 2 to 5 rooms.

  • MRV systems are dedicated to larger projects. One unit can serve multiple units distributed in the building. The system is characterized by simplicity of installation, high reliability and energy efficiency. MRV provides comfortable conditions both in single-family homes, office buildings, hotels and other public facilities.

  • Monoblock and split CO+CWU heat pumps - a combination of modern design, ease of installation, high performance, allowing for low operating costs.

Pompy ciepła SUPER AQUA dostępne w wersji Monoblok oraz Split

SUPER AQUA heat pumps available in Monoblock and Split versions

© Haier

Haier provides support for Designers

Designers can benefit from a selection program and an experienced technical department that takes care of consulting, service and warranty facilities.

Klimatyzator HAIER Flexis Plus dostępny w trzech wersjach kolorystycznych

HAIER Flexis Plus air conditioner available in three color versions

© Haier

For more product information HAIER / REFSYSTEM Sp. z o.o. Generalny Dystrybutor Haier AC w Polsce visit the Products for Architects page.

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