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Notionblinds - comfort and excellent design

06 of December '22

MOTIONBLINDS window coverings are not only about comfort, but also about excellent design

In interior design, it is not only furniture, wall colors or lighting that matter. More and more attention is being paid to windows, their decoration, as well as protection from oppressive sunlight. Natural light plays an important role, it stimulates us to work and gives us energy, but sometimes it becomes a nuisance and causes excessive heating of rooms due to the use of increasingly large glazing in modern construction. With our blinds, you can enjoy large glazings that give the impression of larger and brighter spaces, while not sacrificing thermal and visual comfort.

Rolety Absolute z tkaniną screen

Absolute roller blinds with screen fabric



MotionBlinds can be used with a variety of solutions. Among them, we can mention a remote control, a smartphone app or PULL - a chain that retracts or unrolls the blind in one stroke. In addition, their installation does not require any technical knowledge, cables, forging walls, so you can opt for them not only at the stage of finishing the house, but in fact at any time.

The rechargeable motors inside the blind are charged using a USB-C cable, and the battery performance is very long - about 6-12 months, depending on the frequency of use. Once the window cover is installed, all you have to do is program it using the MotionBlinds Bluetooth or EVE app, which will guide you through the process in an intuitive and clear way. In just a few moments you can program the blinds to your own needs and preferences.

In addition, MotionBlinds is compatible min. Home Kit, Alexa, Google Assistant and other smart home control panels - Smart Home. Even while you are at work or shopping, you can close the blinds at home to relax in comfort when you return. By setting yourself scenarios and timers MotionBlinds can even serve as a natural light alarm clock.


Blinds with MotionBlinds move with the rhythm of your daily life, creating the perfect atmosphere at any time of day. Thanks to a pre-programmed timer and scenarios, the blinds are in motion when you want them to be, and the house seems to be inhabited all the time. This gives a sense of security and helps prevent break-ins. MotionBlinds operated by MotionBlinds automatically adjust to changing temperatures inside and outside the house, helping to save energy.

Zasłona elektryczna

Electric curtain



A multitude of mechanism colors and fabrics allow Premium blinds to match any type of interior. What's more, some fabrics allow to reduce the heating of rooms and reduce reflections on monitor screens without restricting the view to the outside.

Among the colors of the mechanisms, in addition to standard colors such as white, gray, brown, anthracite and black, which come in PVC, you can also find metal mechanisms in stainless steel or black nickel. Premium roller shutter cassettes are aluminum, and the finish is solid and aesthetically pleasing. The cassettes come in a variety of shapes, making it easy to match the appearance of the roller shutters to your liking. High quality and design are our priorities.


Well-chosen curtains add warmth and coziness to the interior, but also provide better soundproofing. In order to better meet the needs of our customers, our offer also includes electrically controlled curtains, using a controller placed on the wall and a remote control or a smartphone using a suitable control unit.

When deciding on curtains, it is worth paying attention to what functions they are to perform. For the bedroom, it is worth choosing blackout curtains. In the living room, both light translucent curtain s exposing the interior and heavier curtains will work - depending on your preferences. We offer both types of curtains, guaranteeing lightness, coziness, intimacy or discretion. Curtains are the perfect decoration for your windows and complement your interior.

Roleta Absolute

Absolute roller blind



At IMPEROLL S.C. Marcin Rafał Schwabe we keep up with trends and the needs of our customers. New technologies are a challenge, excitement and pleasure for us. Our products are used not only in single-family buildings, but also in office buildings or public facilities. We specialize in various types of window coverings and mosquito nets.

In addition, we are a distributor of garage doors, facade blinds, awnings, pergolas, external blinds and entrance doors.
In addition to the showroom in Sierakowice, at Łąkowa 25 Street, and the Authorized Showroom in Matarnia, Gdansk, we sell our products through our network of wholesale customers throughout Poland.

We specialize in the production of roller blinds in typical sizes, but also in made-to-measure products for many customers from Europe, including Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Bulgaria, Romania, United Kingdom, Spain, Belgium and Norway.

For more information, visit the company's IMPEROLL S.C. Marcin Rafał Schwabe page on the PdA portal.

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