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Intelligent light management

29 of November '22

We believe in managing light!

All kinds of exterior and interior window covers have already become part of the standards of modern construction. Investors already at the stage of construction decide to install window guards to meet their needs. Adequate illumination and, at the same time, thermal and optical comfort are among the basic needs of users of new construction, whether in a single-family home or office buildings. Among the products offered by IMPEROLL there are many solutions for both interior and exterior.

Absolute blinds

Absolute 2.0 Premium roller blinds are smart solutions for protection from the sun. These blinds can be controlled in various ways, with a remote control, smartphone app or by pulling a chain, called PULL. They area designer solution for various types of windows, including roof windows, and the solid finish allows them to cover large glazing. Aluminum construction of the cassettes in various shapes allows to fit into the taste of any customer. Refined details and high quality workmanship make Premium roller shutters the most impressive in their class.

Rolety Absolute w restauracji na Kaszubach

Absolute roller shutters in a restaurant in Kashubia.


Facade blinds

Façade blinds are the perfect complement to the facade of a building, but above all they are an excellent shading solution that affects the energy efficiency of a building. Façade blinds not only protect against the oppressive sun, but also against the heating of rooms, while in winter they provide good insulation on large glazings. Their aluminum construction guarantees high quality and durability. The color of the blinds can be matched to the color of the window frames, roof or facade. Any setting of the blinds' slats allows precise regulation of the light inflow, and thus provides optical comfort inside. Thanks to the appropriate design, facade blinds can be used for large window openings.

Żaluzje fasadowe

Facade blinds


ZiP SCREEN external blinds

These are blinds mounted on the outside of the building, so they guarantee better protection against room heating. In addition, thanks to the screen fabric, the distribution of natural light in the room is even. Guiding the fabric in ZIP locks ensures resistance to strong wind. The second application of the ZIP SCREEN roller blind is protection against insects. Different degrees of fabric openness allow you to choose a more or less transparent fabric. ZIP SCREEN roller blinds can be installed not only on windows, but also on balconies, pergolas, verandas or terraces.

Rolety zewnętrze ZIP SCREEN oraz żaluzje fasadowe

ZIP SCREEN outdoor blinds and facade blinds


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