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Air conditioning during coronavirus pandemic

28 of March '21

Disinfection by UV-C lamp has been known to us for more than 100 years, while for more than 40 years it has been widely used in medical facilities and places where air sterility is particularly important. In response to the needs of the modern world, thanks to the work of Haier constructors, engineers and designers, it is possible to use it also in the home, in the air conditioning system. The effectiveness of the technology has been confirmed by the certificate of Texcell, an international research organization.
UV-C lamp - how does it work and what makes it a reliable device for antiviral and antibacterial protection?

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The technology is based on the virucidal and germicidal effects of UV-C radiation. This radiation uses light with wavelengths from 100 to 280 nm. This is radiation generated by the sun, but which does not reach the earth, thanks to the earth's ozone protective layer. Artificial sources of this type of radiation are mercury vapor lamps, lasers and modern biocidal flow LED lamps.

Viruses, despite their microscopic size, contain DNA and RNA nucleic acids. UV-C radiation acts directly on nucleic acids. As a result of it, a photochemical reaction takes place, leading to damage to the connection between successive information carriers in nucleic acids. Their chemical structure changes, resulting in the deactivation of the virus, taking away its ability to continue multiplying and infecting.

Airborne contaminants enter the upper and lower respiratory tract. The viruses and bacteria in it can cause many health problems including allergies, asthma, pneumonia and tuberculosis.

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So how to reduce the risk of infection in rooms where people are present?

HAIER's team of designers and engineers found the answer to the above question. A UV-C STERILIZATION function has been created in selected air conditioners. Thanks to this, the air is disinfected, without harmful effects on the people or animals in the room. The LED lamp is hidden in the device, so the rays do not escape outside the air conditioner housing. UV-C sterilization can inhibit the SARS-CoV-2 virus up to 99.99%*.

The well-known and highly regarded FLEXIS Plus unit - now available in three color versions: White Matt/ Black Matt/ and a novelty - Silver Shine. The Flexis Plus air conditioner is one of the quietest on the market - 16 dB(A); it comes with Wi-Fi control as standard, and is environmentally friendly thanks to the use of R32 refrigerant. The smart ECO Sensor function detects and tracks human movement, allowing it to adjust its operation according to the user's preferences.

PEARL Plus is an energy-efficient and versatile air conditioner with a compact design and low noise level. In addition, PEARL Plus air conditioners are equipped with a number of functions responsible for clean air, advanced UV-C STERILIZATION technology with LEC UV-C lamp has a disinfectant and biocidal effect. As standard, PEARL Plus air conditioners also have 56°C Steri Clean and Self Clean technology responsible for clean unit which directly affects air quality.

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A built-in LED UV lamp illuminates the air flowing through the air conditioner with short-wave rays, which can contain 5-34% microorganisms. The air sucked in at the first stage is filtered and then subjected to intensive irradiation with a biocidal UV-C lamp, which kills more than 90% of viruses and bacteria. The biocidal LED lamp emits rays inside the unit, from right to left, only when the function is on. The disinfected, clean and healthy air is then blown through the air conditioner into the room. The 99.998% effectiveness of the Haier air conditioner's UV-C sterilization function has been certified by Texcell*.

Is UV-C radiation safe?

We have heard more than once about the harmful effects of UVC radiation on our skin or eyes. However, only exposure to direct radiation from the UV-C lamp can cause negative effects on our health. The UV-C lamp in Haier air conditioners has been shielded so as to guarantee maximum safety for users. Its light does not escape outside the unit. Therefore, the UV-C Sterilization function can be used in the presence of people and animals. The room does not need to be ventilated, as in the case of ozonation. There are also no restrictions on the specific distances to be maintained when the device is in operation.

Health protection has become a priority for us. Fear and uncertainty motivated us to look for effective yet safe ways to disinfect the air. UV-C lamps are the most effective and desirable methods today for disinfecting the air in a room to ensure maximum safety.

HAIER air conditioning - protect yourself and your family from viruses!

*The UV-C sterilization technology used in Haier air conditioners has the function of inhibiting the growth of the virus (SARS-CoV-2) based on the results of the laboratory UV-C lamp performance test (test: Non-GLP VIRAL CLEARANCE STUDY - FIO). The tests were conducted by Texcell, a global contract research organization. Texcell verified and confirmed the effectiveness of this technology at 99.998%, in a space with a volume of 45 liters, in 1 hour.

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