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Residential and commercial air conditioners, large VRF systems, Versati heat pumps from GREE

09 of December '23

Gree is the world's largest manufacturer of air conditioning equipment, which for 30 years has been helping to create a zone of climatic comfort in our homes, apartments and offices.

Gree is a brand that enjoys an international reputation and exceptional trust among customers. Its constantly expanding product portfolio includes a wide range of efficient and energy-saving equipment not only for air conditioning, but also for heating apartments, houses and commercial buildings.

Gree's comprehensive and extensive portfolio is a careful response to the demanding needs of customers and business partners, and includes residential and commercial air conditioners and large VRF systems, as well as a comprehensive ecosystem of heating solutions, including Versati heat pumps. Continuous investment in research and development ensures that we only provide our customers with innovative and technologically advanced equipment, which is already used by more than 400 million satisfied customers in 160 countries.

Behind Gree's success in our country for more than 20 years has been Free Polska - the exclusive representative of the Gree brand in Poland and one of the leading in Europe. An indispensable part of Gree's after-sales care is the network of Gree Authorized Installers that Free Polska has built up, who have the technical expertise to prove their F-gas certificate and Gree Authorization Certificate.

Gree provides a 5-year warranty on all air conditioning and heat pump systems. The highly regarded quality of the equipment allows selected models of premium wall air conditioners to be covered by as much as 7 years of warranty protection. As a condition of receiving the warranty, the unit must be installed by a Gree Authorized Installer and periodic warranty inspections must be performed.

CLIVIA - a revolution in the delivery of comfort

Clivia is an absolute breakthrough in air conditioning. This extremely feature-rich and powerful device with built-in artificial intelligence will not only meet the expectations of users, but together with them will design the comfort of life!

Control of room humidity, energy-saving and intelligent operation are just some of the product's hallmarks. For even greater user comfort, thanks to LED UV technology and built-in ionization, the device can effectively eliminate microorganisms from the environment, and the night-time silent mode of the outdoor unit (volume reduction to 40 dB(A)) will ensure peace and harmony for household members and neighbors.

The Clivia air conditioner is available in three color versions: navy blue, silver and white. The intriguing striated structure of the panel, complemented by side decors, provides an original accent to a stylish interior.

Jednostka wewnętrzna ścienna CLIVIA Navy Blue

CLIVIA Navy Blue indoor wall unit


AMBER PRESTIGE - perfection for the discerning

Amber Prestige wall-mounted air conditioner is an ideal device for cooling as well as heating rooms. Equipped with a two-stage compressor, the air conditioner is designed for year-round operation and comes with up to a 7-year warranty. Thanks to its wide operating temperature range, the Amber Prestige has the ability to operate in extreme outdoor conditions; heating up to -30°C and cooling up to 52°C.

The high energy class in both cooling and heating ensures low operating costs all year round. The advantages of this model are rich control options, as well as a multitude of functions, affecting the comfort of use.

FAIRY - cools in summer, warms in winter

Wall air conditioner Fairy is a device distinguished by its unique design. Stylish housing and rounded edges make this model fit perfectly into any modern interior. One of the characteristics of this device is a wide range of external temperatures - up to -25°C in heating and up to +50°C in cooling - and high efficiency in heating mode. Fairy is an ideal choice for users who appreciate the quality and modern design of air conditioners, but also convenience. And this is due to the built-in Wi-Fi control module, allowing easy operation from a smartphone or tablet. When retrofitted with the XK76 wall-mounted controller, it can be easily and quickly integrated into a smart home system following the Modbus RTU protocol. This model is available in a matte finish (Dark and Silver versions). For lovers of classic white, we offer the Fairy White model in glossy finish.

Jednostka wewnętrzna ścienna FAIRY Dark

FAIRY Dark indoor wall unit


PULAR - a compact edition of the rich interior

Pular is the first choice of Gree customers! Classic in its design, this model, available at an exceptionally low price, offers both high energy efficiency, extensive functionality and full comfort. The model comes standard with a Wi-Fi module, which makes it possible to operate the unit remotely via the Gree+ app. In addition, Pular, like the most advanced models, can be retrofitted with a wall controller, central controller or BMS gateway. The unit offers 3 sleep modes, 7 fan speeds and automatic vertical and horizontal blinds. The built-in air ionizer and the self-cleaning function of the indoor unit's exchanger, have an invaluable effect on breathing quality.

The matte finish of the Pular Matt air conditioner panel allows the unit to blend in perfectly with the interior. For those who prefer a subtle shine, we offer the Pular Shiny model.

Jednostka wewnętrzna ścienna Pular Matt

Pular Matt indoor wall unit


Multi Free Match Plus systems - even more possibilities

Multi Free Match Plus systems are flexible solutions, allowing you to manage air conditioning in multiple rooms while using one central outdoor unit. These systems are ideal for both cooling and heating, thanks to their wide operating range (cooling - 15÷43⁰C, heating - 22÷24⁰C). The units allow connection of as many as five indoor units. The possibility of extending the cooling installation up to 100 m and the use of an elevation between indoor units of up to 25 m, greatly facilitate the optimal design of the air conditioning system in demanding facilities.

All outdoor units have a built-in drip tray heater for protection of condensate drainage in heating mode. Gree 's product range includes as many as twelve different indoor units, which can be either wall-mounted, cassette, floor-to-ceiling or ducted units. Multisplit units are compatible with BMS systems (Modbus and BACnet), which allows the air conditioning system to be controlled from the central building management system.

Jednostka wewnętrzna kasetonowa w systemie Multi Free Match

Multi Free Match indoor cassette unit


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