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Versati heat pumps by GREE - efficient and economical home heating or cooling

10 of December '22

Heating, cooling, hot water - clean energy and energy efficiency with VERSATI heat pumps

For nearly three decades, Gree has been a leader in cooling solutions for homes, apartments and commercial premises. The development of technology has brought Gree cooling equipment to the highest levels of efficiency and intelligent operation, while creating a natural space for product and service development in more areas. Gree also continues its mission in the area of building heating, focusing on providing valuable products and services to customers who are looking for excellent solutions to efficiently and energy-efficiently heat apartments, homes, or businesses.

Zmodernizowane jednostki zewnętrzne Versati Split mają kompaktowe wymiary

Upgraded Versati Split outdoor units have compact dimensions


Gree brand Versati heat pumps

This is a heating technology that uses refrigeration systems that work with water systems. Versati units are the ideal solution for efficient, economical and easy-to-use heating for single-family homes. The company Free Polska Sp. z o.o. | GREE, the exclusive Representative of the Gree brand in Poland, is now already offering the next generation of these devices, based on the latest technology, the heart of which is an innovative two-stage rotary compressor, ensuring efficient and reliable operation even in extreme conditions. With a wide operating temperature range of- 25°C~35°C in heating mode, 10°C~48°C in cooling mode and 25°C~45°C in domestic hot water preparation mode, Gree heat pumps will perform well in any conditions of the Polish climate. The entire Versati product range strictly complies with EUROVENT certification energy efficiency class A (EN14511), seasonal energy efficiency A+++ (35°C) and A++ (55°C) according to EN14825. Versati units use environmentally safe R32 refrigerant with ODP of 0 and low GWP (675). In addition, Gree heat pumps promote technologies that reduce the consumption of coal and other non-renewable energy sources and contribute to a significant reduction inCO2 emissions. All Versati heat pumps are covered by a 5-year manufacturer's warranty, subject to installation by a Gree Authorized Installer and annual maintenance.

Versati units come in Monoblock, Split and - as of January 2023 - also in All in One versions. They can be used for both heating, cooling and hot water preparation, and their purchase is subject to subsidies under environmental programs provided for residential homes.

Verati All in One to pompa typu split z wbudowanym zasobnikiem CWU

Verati All in One is a split pump with a built-in DHW tank


Gree Versati All in One heat pumps

Gree Versati All in One are Split-type units with a built-in 185-liter hot water storage tank. The integration of the tank with the indoor hydromodule guarantees convenience in both the selection and installation, as well as the operation of the unit. It also saves space compared to a system with an external tank. The dimension of the indoor unit is only 60×65 cm with a height of 180 cm. One compact unit provides domestic hot water and heating water. What's more, installation of the unit does not require additional installation and components to connect the tank. The pump, which comes in heating capacities from 4.0 to 15.5 kW, is equipped with a modern touchscreen controller with a menu in Polish and a Wi-Fi module that allows the unit to be controlled from anywhere via an app.

Jednostka wewnętrzna Versati All in One ze zintegrowanym zbiornikiem CWU

Versati All in One indoor unit with integrated DHW tank


Versati Monobloc pumps

Gree Versati Monoblok are available in a new and improved version. The units, which have gained great popularity due to their ease of installation and high efficiency, now feature even higher energy efficiency coefficients and increased heating reliability. The COP of these models can even reach more than 5.0. In addition, the new series of monoblock heat pumps is equipped with factory-fitted peak heaters. Thanks to two-stage regulation, they can support the heat pump during extremely low outdoor temperatures. Models with heating capacities from 8.2 to 15.7 kW are available. All units are equipped with a wired controller and a Wi-Fi controller.

Nowa seria pomp ciepła Verasati Monoblok wyposażona została w fabryczne grzałki szczytowe

The new Verasati Monoblok series of heat pumps feature factory-fitted peak heaters


Versati Split pumps

Gree Versati Splitt o devices that enable the realization of low-temperature heating, domestic hot water preparation and air conditioning through fan coils. With a wide power range from 6.0 to 15.5 kW, they are used both in small residential buildings and small commercial projects. High operating parameters and modern design make them characterized by exceptional energy efficiency and reliability. Versati Split is equipped with a built-in 3-way valve, which makes it easy to install a hot water tank. The upgraded outdoor units have compact dimensions (16kW unit - single fan 94×46×82 cm).

Versati Split dzięki szerokiemu zakresowi mocy znajdują zastosowanie zarówno w niewielkich budynkach mieszkalnych, jak i niedużych inwestycjach komercyjnych

Versati Split pumps, thanks to their wide power range, are used in both small residential buildings and small commercial developments


A wealth of control options

The user of Gree Versati heat pumps, whether All in One, Monoblock or Split, has the option to set the circulating water temperature, the room temperature setpoint or control with a room thermostat. The smart controller has a Wi-Fi module as standard, which allows remote control of the heat pump from the app. In addition, it is possible to connect the heat pump to a BMS intelligent building management system.
One of the key functions of the controller is weather control. This is the most precise, energy-saving and efficient way of control. The weather function most often works in conjunction with feedwater temperature control. Thanks to it, Versati is able to automatically regulate the temperature of heated water flowing out of the heat pump depending on atmospheric outdoor conditions. The lower the outside temperature, the heat pump supplies the heating system with higher water. The precise setting of the resulting heating curve makes it possible to both maintain a high level of comfort for householders and stable operation of the entire system. What's more, the heat pump can then operate virtually maintenance-free. Equipping the Versati heat pump with a weekly work schedule, in turn, allows programming the automatic operation of the device at different times and days of the week, adjusting the operation of the device to the most favorable electricity tariffs, allows a significant reduction in heat pump operating costs.

Jedna kompaktowa jednostka Versati All in One zapewnia ciepłą wodę użytkową oraz wodę grzewczą

One compact Versati All in One unit provides domestic hot water and heating water


Can be integrated with alternative heat sources

Gree Versati heat pumps offer the ability to integrate with alternative heat sources, such as a peak electric heater (standard for all Versati models), a gas boiler, or a solar thermal system. Thanks to the Versati's modern design, this is quick and easy and does not require retrofitting expensive and complicated modules and accessories. This is because Versati models have built-in contacts for controlling the alternative heat source.

For more information, visit the company's Free Polska Sp. z o.o. | GREE page on the PdA portal.

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