Acapulco modular furniture

10 of December '22

Acapulco modular furniture

This is a collection for fans of comfort and good design. The very original form of the furniture predestines it for a central location in the living room. Then you can watch it from all sides, with all the nuances of the shapes - rounded sides, curved backrest, adding lightness to the high legs. It is definitely worth giving this collection the right space to let its charm fully unfold and let you admire it.

Acapulco is a collection of modular upholstered furniture. It allows you to create a variety of combinations - sofas with any number of seats and corner sofas of shape and size adapted to the dimensions of the interior. This allows you to independently adjust your furniture to the expectations and requirements of the whole family. In smaller rooms, you can use a sofa arrangement - a combination forming a 2- or 3-seater sofa. Importantly, to build a sofa, you can use modules without sides, which need less space.
But Acapulco looks beautiful especially as a large, spreading corner sofa and is ideal for spacious interiors. A corner configuration using a chaise lounge will look particularly interesting. You may also be tempted to create a setting that is not finished with a side.

The modules from which you arrange the furniture are not connected permanently, so the chosen setting can be changed at any time. And so the corner sofa shown in our photo can become two "armchairs" and an independent chaise longue, or a 2-seater sofa and chaise longue. This is convenient when, for example, we are planning a meeting with friends and for its needs we need to rearrange the interior.
The wide sides are comfortable. They are not fixed permanently. They can be moved or even taken off. They then turn into poufs - an additional place to sit. Such a pouffe set on the floor can also be moved closer to the seat to rest your legs comfortably on it. What comfort!

It is also worth noting that the platform located under the side, is a kind of shelf. You can put newspapers, remotes, or trinkets on it. But also - on a stand or tray - a cup of coffee or tea. The side/puff is also wide enough to serve as a handy table-helper. Remember, however, that plates or cups with hot contents must not be placed directly on the upholstery fabric of the furniture.

Acapulco lounge furniture collection is not only designer, it is also very comfortable. All components used in the production of our upholstered furniture are of the highest quality, ensuring many years of use. The seat is deep and soft thanks to high-flexible foams, pleasantly yielding under the weight of the body and adapting to its shape. The back and lumbar cushions have silicone filling. They are thick, fluffy and comfortably soft. They are not fixed permanently, so you can model and arrange them according to your individual sense of comfort and needs. The lumbar cushions give extra support to your back. The structural frame is made of very durable and resistant, one of the hardest, beech wood.

Describing Bizzarto sofas, armchairs and corner sofas, it is necessary to mention the finishing upholstery materials. The final appearance of the furniture depends on them. We offer hundreds of collections of upholstery fabrics from the world's best manufacturers and distributors. You can choose from plain, patterned, velour, jacquard, delicate and very pronounced weave. We have fabrics from which the toughest stains wash off with water. And those that are 100% made of natural, fine materials. In very intense colors and subdued hues. There really is a lot to choose from. We hint that in the case of the Acapulco collection, both in combinations forming sofas and corner sofas, you should avoid fabrics with large patterns that could distort the form of this furniture. Besides, the collection looks great in all types of fabrics - plain, plaid, velour.

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