BOFII Furniture

13 of January '23

BOFFI Furniture

The lump is inspired by the designs of Spanish architect, postmodernist Ricardo Bofill:

  • it has an interesting body, with a strong focus on detail,
  • the armchair is available in two sizes of armrests and back cushions, which allows you to create interesting compositions in the interior, by multiplying and juxtaposing variants of this furniture,
  • comfortable and with great seating comfort (the armrests have a comfortable height, and the retracted base, makes it easier for people with limited dexterity to get up from the chair),
  • swivel base and footrest matching the form of the armchair in style take special care of the user's comfort,
  • brot base of the armchair can be upholstered or veneered (oak) - at the customer's choice.

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