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Heat from Gree - for home, apartment and office

10 of December '23

Heat from Gree is an ecosystem of advanced heating appliances focused on providing heat and comfort. Effectively and for years to come.

For 30 years, Gree has been a leader in cooling solutions for homes, apartments and commercial premises. Developments in technology have brought Gree cooling equipment to the highest levels of efficiency and intelligent operation, while creating a natural space for product and service development in further areas. Gree also continues its mission in the area of building heating, focusing on providing valuable products and services to customers who are looking for excellent solutions to efficiently and energy-efficiently heat apartments, homes, or businesses.

Pompy ciepła Versati Split mają wbudowany zawór 3-drogowy, umożliwiający szybką instalację zbiornika ciepłej wody użytkowej

Versati Split heat pumps have a built-in 3-way valve for quick installation of a hot water tank



Versati units are the ideal solution for efficient, economical and easy-to-use heating of single-family homes, both new and retrofitted. With an innovative two-stage rotary compressor and a wide operating temperature range of -25°C to +35°C for heating and +10°C to +48°C for cooling, Gree heat pumps will perform well in any conditions of the Polish climate.

Versati units come in Monoblock, Split and All in One versions. They can be used for both heating, cooling and domestic hot water preparation, and their purchase is subject to subsidies under environmental programs provided for residential buildings.

Zasobniki c.w.u. w pompach Versati All in One ładowane są warstwowo, dzięki czemu są bardziej wydajne niż klasyczne zbiorniki z wężownicą tej samej pojemnośc

The hot water reservoirs in Versati All in One pumps are loaded in layers, making them more efficient than classic tanks with a coil of the same capacity.


VERSATI ALL IN ONE HEAT PUMPS are Split-type units with a built-in 185-liter hot water storage tank. The integration of the tank with the internal hydromodule guarantees convenience in both the selection and installation, as well as in the operation of the unit. It also saves space compared to a system with an external tank. The dimension of the indoor unit is only 60 x 65 cm with a height of 180 cm. The compact unit provides domestic hot water and heating water. What's more, the installation of the unit does not require additional installation and components to connect the tank. The pump, which comes in heating capacities from 4.0 to 15.5 kW, is equipped with a modern touchscreen controller with a menu in Polish and a Wi-Fi module that allows the unit to be controlled from anywhere via an app.

Pompy ciepła Versati Monoblok wyposażone są w fabryczne grzałki szczytowe

Versati Monoblok heat pumps are equipped with factory-fitted peak heaters


VERSATI MONOBLOK HEAT PUMPS have gained popularity for their ease of installation and high efficiency. They are characterized by high energy efficiency coefficients and increased heating reliability. The COP of these models can even reach more than 5.0. The compressor crankcase heater increases the safety of operation at low temperatures. In addition, the monobloc heat pump series is equipped with factory-fitted peak heaters. With two-stage control, they can support the heat pump during extremely low outdoor temperatures. Models with heating capacities from 8.2 to 15.7 kW are available.

VERSATI SPLIT HEAT PUMPS are devices that make it possible to realize low-temperature heating, domestic hot water preparation and air conditioning through fan coils. With a wide power range from 6.0 to 15.5 kW, they are used both in small residential buildings and small commercial investments. High parameters and modern design make them characterized by exceptional energy efficiency and reliability. Versati Split is equipped with a built-in 3-way valve, which makes it easy to install a hot water tank.

Systemy GMV6 Heat Recovery opierają się na modułowych jednostkach zewnętrznych oraz wykorzystaniu trójrurowej instalacji chłodniczej

GMV6 Heat Recovery systems are based on modular outdoor units and the use of a three-pipe refrigeration system



All Gree Versati heat pumps offer the possibility to integrate with alternative heat sources, such as a peak electric heater (standard for all Versati models), a gas boiler, or a solar thermal system. Thanks to the Versati's modern design, this is quick and easy and does not require retrofitting expensive and complicated modules and accessories. This is because Versati models have built-in contacts for controlling the alternative heat source.


Technically advanced, large VRF systems can serve office buildings and multi-tenant buildings. They increase the attractiveness of investments through the use of ecological Heat Recovery systems, allowing heat recovery. These solutions offer the possibility of simultaneous implementation of heating and cooling operation and significantly increase the energy efficiency of buildings. The control technology of energy-efficient heat recovery and high-efficiency DC inverter compressor allow simultaneous heating and cooling coefficient of efficiency as high as 9.0. In addition, the latest version of GMV6 HR systems allows integration with hydrobox and cooperation with water systems. This allows the systems to handle water heating and DHW preparation. What's more, hot water preparation can be implemented with heat recovery during cooling.

Systemy Gree GMV6 Heat Recovery umożliwiają jednoczesne ogrzewanie i chłodzenie wielu pomieszczeń oraz odzysk ciepła

Gree GMV6 Heat Recovery systems allow simultaneous heating and cooling of multiple rooms and heat recovery



Upgraded air conditioners for heating are perfect not only for reheating rooms, but can also be the only source of heat in them. The efforts of engineers and designers have resulted in models that heat at outdoor temperatures as low as -30°C, or feature energy class A+++. All Gree split air conditioners are equipped with an inverter compressor, which strongly supports their energy efficiency. Amber Prestige and U-Crown models have a two-stage compressor, enabling efficient operation in extreme outdoor temperatures.

Klimatyzator Amber Prestige dzięki dwustopniowej sprężarce rotacyjnej wydajnie ogrzewa nawet przy temperaturze -30°C na zewnątrz

The Amber Prestige air conditioner efficiently heats even at -30°C outside, thanks to its two-stage rotary compressor


Why heat with an air conditioner? The air conditioner, thanks to the supply of warm air, can raise the temperature in the room by several degrees even in 20 minutes. It does not require storage and refueling, or constant user maintenance. It is a clean source of heat. This is because it does not produce any by-products of the heating process such as ash or exhaust fumes. In addition, the air conditioner, as an air-to-air heat pump, is covered by subsidies that can be obtained both for replacing the heat source with an air conditioner and for purchasing an air conditioner as a heat source for a newly built house.

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