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Year-round comfort with GREE brand air conditioners

08 of December '22


Air conditioning is still associated by many of us with friendly coolness on hot days. However, not everyone knows that air conditioners are - from a technological point of view - air-to-air heat pumps. Heat is extracted from the room and, thanks to the work of the heat pump - transferred to the air outside. In the case of heating, the path of heat transfer is exactly the opposite. Heat is extracted from outside, that is, from the air, and then returned to the building.

Air conditioners, therefore, are great as a source of heat, especially during transitional periods, in spring or autumn. You can also find ones that will efficiently heat in winter as well! So these are devices that work for our comfort all year round.

Jednostka wewnętrzna U-Crown Champagne

U-Crown Champagne indoor unit


Efficient heating - the new face of air conditioning

Thanks to the long-standing efforts of Gree engineers, the brand has introduced air conditioners, characterized by high heating efficiency, operation up to extremely low outdoor temperatures and a number of functions that support efficient heating of rooms. The Amber Prestige and U-Crown models in question are even designed for heating. These units have a two-stage compressor and crankcase heaters for the compressor and drip tray, making them capable of heating rooms even when it's -30°C outside. Importantly, at the same time they maintain high heating efficiency (even more than 90% at -25°C) and are very energy efficient. Amber Prestige 2.7 and 3.5 kW models are distinguished by the highest cooling and heating energy efficiency class A+++. The high level of energy efficiency is also evidenced by the COP (heating coefficient of performance). For the best models, this coefficient can reach up to 4.70 under standard conditions. This means that of the heat/cooling provided, only about 20% comes from electricity, and the remaining almost 80% is practically obtained free of charge. The high performance of the devices goes hand in hand with a high class of design. Users can choose between the classic Amber Prestige design and the distinctive streamlined U-Crown shape, which resembles the letter "U" in cross-section. This air conditioner is available in two finishes: silver and champagne.

Jednostka wewnętrzna Lomo Luxury Plus

Lomo Luxury Plus indoor unit


In the context of heating in the Gree brand's offer, it is also worth noting the Fairy and Lomo Luxury Plus models, which exhibit high performance and wide operating ranges of outdoor temperatures. Fairy is an air conditioner distinguished by its elegant design and original casing. Its unique design is achieved through the use of a rounded front panel. Silver and Dark panels come in a matte finish, and White - in a glossy finish. In addition to its attractive design, Fairy is a versatile device. This model, like the Lomo Luxury Plus, can operate in cooling up to +50°C outside and - 25°C in heating, making it suitable for all conditions of the Polish climate. In addition, to increase the reliability of operation, both models of air conditioners have been equipped with a heater that prevents water in the drip tray from freezing, as well as a function for heating temporarily unused rooms (maintaining +8°C). All models are equipped with automatic vertical and horizontal louvers and an air ionizer.

Jednostka wewnętrzna Fairy Silver

Fairy Silver indoor unit


Heating with air conditioners - why is it worth it?

Using air conditioners as a source of heat brings many benefits. In addition to high efficiency and energy efficiency, which translate directly into lowering our bills, it is worth noting the speed and precision of obtaining the set temperature. The devices are able to raise the temperature of the air in the room by up to several degrees in several minutes. This depends, among other things, on the selected efficiency, ambient conditions and the characteristics of the room.

The second important aspect is the ease of operation of these devices. Operation of the air conditioners requires the user only to turn on from the standard remote control the heating mode, temperature setting and fan gear. Once started, the device is able to operate virtually unattended. What's more, selected Gree air conditioners offer additional control options: remotely from a smartphone via the Gree+ WiFi app, via a wall-mounted controller or a BMS gateway.

Jednostka wewnętrzna Fairy Dark

Fairy Dark indoor unit


In addition, air conditioners as a heat source are environmentally friendly. They do not directly generate any pollutants, so by using them we are making a real impact on the cleanliness of the air in our neighborhood. The device, unlike solid fuel boilers, also does not generate any solid waste. This is an excellent source of heat, which also wins over its traditional counterparts in terms of cleanliness of operation.

It's worth remembering that when we buy an air-conditioning device with a heating function (heat pumps), we can receive subsidies from programs such as My Heat and Clean Air, or deduct the cost of purchase and installation under the thermal modernization tax credit. This is undoubtedly a big plus in favor of choosing an air conditioner as a heat source in our home.

Jednostka wewnętrzna Fairy White

Fairy White indoor unit


Comfort and health every day

During the heating season, when the quality of the air outside leaves much to be desired, one more important advantage of Gree air conditioners should be noted. In addition to the standard mesh filters that catch large dust-type pollutants, they also have ionizers, and each model can be retrofitted with catalytic or antibacterial filters. Gree also offers UV lamps, which installed in wall air conditioners, eliminate microorganisms, viruses and bacteria from the air. This allows us to enjoy clean and healthy air all year round.

Gree air conditioners are undoubtedly excellent devices for heating and cooling rooms, whose functional solutions go hand in hand with energy-efficient operation. Installation of split air conditioners, carried out by an Authorized Gree Installer, gives us as much as 7 years of warranty in the case of Amber Prestige, U-Crown and Soyal models, and 5 years for other models.

For more information, visit the company's Free Polska Sp. z o.o. | GREE page on the PdA portal.

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