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Smart Home Grenton - support at every stage of design

28 of November '22

Smart Home Grenton - support at every stage of design

Smart home solutions are no longer a temporary trend. They are a standard used in nearly half of households in Europe. More than just cost-conscious investors building their homes are increasingly opting for home automation solutions, realizing how effectively they support the management of a home's energy balance, facilitate home control and management, as well as easily integrate with other installations and devices in the facility.

Architects and interior designers, aware of the prospective market, are increasingly using modern installations, making their projects more attractive to end users.

Smart Home Grenton system - professional support at every stage of the project

Smart Home Grenton is a professional customized home automation system. It is installed by professional installers, offering substantive support at every stage of the design. It consists of a set of modules, a family of touch panels and a mobile application for remote operation of the system. The system can be easily installed in facilities under construction, as well as already finished.

Grenton Multisensor

Grenton Multisensor

© Grenton

Modern design and control

Grenton cares about the experience and satisfaction of system users. That's why smart touch panels, switches and the mobile app are always available in a version tailored to the needs of users and the room in which they are installed. Their modern design and the different types of materials they are made of blend in perfectly with any interior, while matching current design trends. The most popular among customers is the company's flagship product - the

Grenton Smart Panel - an OLED display that has four programmable touch buttons and has hand gesture control. The panel has a fully customizable and programmable user interface and is equipped with temperature and light sensors. Dedicated touch panels, intuitive operation and remote control via an easy-to-use mobile app create a complete and user-friendly system.

Smart Panel i Touch Panele Grenton

Smart Panel and Grenton Touch Panels

© Grenton

Affordable price, greater savings

A modern home with a Grenton system provides not only comfort, convenience and time savings, but also tangible financial benefits from an informed and often automated energy management process. Suboptimal energy consumption, especially in times of energy crisis and rising energy prices, leads to very high and uncontrolled bills.

Grenton's Smart Home system is designed to, among other things, manage energy in the most rational and efficient way, significantly reducing electricity and heating bills. In practice, this means that it is the system that controls lighting and heating depending on the presence of people in the rooms. It decides when it pays to turn on air conditioning, recuperation or the furnace, among other things, to adjust the room temperature accordingly. The system itself can decide to turn on/off other appliances such as the heat pump, hot water storage heater, washing machine, dishwasher. Going further - it can also turn on automatic charging of your electric vehicles, including your car, bicycle and scooter, and it can do so from the energy that your PV installation will produce.

The cost of implementing a Grenton Smart Home System varies depending on its scope. It all depends on how extensive you want the system to be and what functions you want it to control.

When planning a modern home installation, the cost of a Grenton Smart Home System is realistically only about 30% of the value of such a system. The remaining amount you would spend on the system would be spent on other installations in the house anyway. By planning ahead for home automation installation, you simply won't duplicate these costs.

Quote Smart Home Grenton:

Grenton Smart Panel i aplikacja myGrenton

Grenton Smart Panel and myGrenton app

© Grenton

Support in design and configuration

Deployment of a Grenton Smart Home System involves smart installation followed by proper configuration. Throughout the entire process of implementation of the Grenton Smart Home System, we provide comprehensive support from our specialists, Authorized Grenton Dealers, who will help not only in matters of system planning, but also comprehensive implementation and support in daily use.

Grenton Smart Home Demonstration Spaces and Showrooms

Grenton solutions can already be seen and learned about in several Grenton Smart Home Salons and more than a dozen demonstration spaces, located in different parts of Poland (details at Anyone interested can get professional advice on the spot, learn about the capabilities of the system and see the products live. Authorized Grenton Dealers will help determine the range of functionalities useful in a given home and select the best solutions.

For more information, visit the company's Grenton Sp. z o.o. page on the PdA portal.

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