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02 of November '23

Smart home solutions are already a standard used in nearly half of European households. Investors building their homes are increasingly choosing home automation solutions. Not only because they are aware of savings, but also realizing how effectively it supports the management of the home's energy balance. Those solutions also facilitate control and management and easily integrate with other installations and devices in the facility.

Nowoczesne i funkcjonalne panele dotykowe Grenton

Grenton's modern and functional touchpad


  • Earn more
    Take advantage of the potential of the rapidly growing smart home market. Choose technology proven in thousands of implementations and used by the best installation companies in Poland and around the world.
  • Get started quickly
    Get started with Grenton training, with no additional investment. Come to a full-day training, learn the basics and set up your first system. Expand your knowledge at additional trainings.
  • Benefit from support
    With Grenton, you'll get help at every stage of your project. In addition to complete technical support and training, you will receive personalized assistance from consultants in sales and customer service.

Aplikacja dla klienta i narzędzie do konfiguracji dla instalatorów - Object Manager

Customer application and configuration tool for installers — Object Manager


Choose a home automation system,
designed from the ground up for installation
and configuration by certified

  • Any investment
    The Grenton system is a solution for both residential and commercial developments. It will work well in homes, residences and apartments, but also in hotels, offices and public places.
  • Complete solution
    The system includes: actuator modules in DIN-rail and flush-mount variants, control touchpads. One intuitive app for the installer to configure. A mobile app for the end customer to control the entire house.
  • Hybrid communication
    Grenton is a reliable wired connection, based on a dedicated TF-Bus and Ethernet, complemented by wireless modules, based on proven WiFi and Z-Wave standards. It's a solution for projects that require flexibility.
  • Easy configuration
    The intuitive configuration application guarantees: a maintenance-free process of detecting and adding modules to the project, graphical tools for configuration, scripting and generating mobile application interfaces, including virtual object functionality - simplifying configuration to a few clicks.
  • Regular updates
    The system is constantly being developed based on user needs and suggestions from Grenton installers. To take care of the systems already installed and running at users' sites, as well as those planned, updated system software and new modules to complement the offering are regularly made available.

Learn more about the system:

Rozdzielnica z systemem Grenton

Grenton system switchgear


Full technical and business support

Grenton offers comprehensive technical and business support, providing direct contact with experts, even in situations where others are unavailable. Customers can count on the assistance of Grenton Experts, Authorized Dealers and trained employees of distributors around the world. This support is available at every stage of the project, ensuring efficient and effective implementation.

In addition, Grenton offers access to training courses, educational materials, the Grenton Academy and YouTube tutorials, enabling you to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to use the system effectively. The online Knowledgebase also offers system documentation, manuals, diagrams, installation guidelines and integration tips, providing a valuable resource for users of all skill levels.

Certyfikowany Instalator Grenton, LC Latos

Grenton Certified Installer, LC Latos


By joining the Grenton community, you become part of an actively supportive group of certified installers and system supporters. The Grenton Facebook group brings together thousands of enthusiasts and practitioners who are eager to share advice and inspiration. It's a community that provides a platform for sharing experiences, which further enriches the knowledge of Grenton users.

Become a Grenton installer and sign up for training: https: //

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