Why you should choose a Geberit concealed installation frame along with a Geberit toilet bowl?

02 of November '23

In order to make the bathroom a harmony of modern style and functionality, it is worth choosing complementary elements from the beginning. The best step will be choosing products from one manufacturer — starting with the dream button, which is the jewelry of the bathroom. Then consequently the Geberit concealed rack, and properly designed for the function in the rack, the toilet bowl. Such a solution will guarantee safety and satisfaction for years.

Miski WC Geberit wyróżniają się nie tylko dopracowywanym przez dziesięciolecia procesem produkcji, ale także ponadczasowym designem. Wszystkie wykonano tak, aby zapewniały oszczędność wody.

Geberit toilet bowls are distinguished not only by the production process refined over decades, but also by their timeless design. They are all made to ensure water conservation.


Decorating a bathroom for many people is associated with long hours spent learning about design and products as well as their functions. Yet, it doesn't guarantee success. It is worth choosing solutions that have been proven for years and companies that, like Geberit, have responsibility written in millions of completed bathrooms and happy customers. So here we go!

Once we've chosen the nicest thing — a push-button and a toilet bowl, matching the overall style of the bathroom, all that's left is to choose the right frame, colloquially, and for good reason, called a Geberit. The flush-mounted frame is hidden in the wall, so it should work well for another 50 years! That's how many spare parts are available for Geberit racks. Why is this important? Because well serviced equipment will serve us for generations. Let's not forget that flush-mounted racks also allow the installation of items such as a sink or bidet.

Choć każda łazienka jest inna, istnieje jeden prosty i sprawdzony sposób na jej estetyczne i funkcjonalne urządzenie. To wybór ceramiki z tej samej linii wzorniczej.

Although every bathroom is different, there is one simple and proven way to make it aesthetically pleasing and functional. That's choosing ceramics from the same design line.


A suspended toilet bowl mounted on a frame of the same brand guarantees the realization of functions such as good flushing of the bowl, with a small amount of water or, for example, extraction of unpleasant odors. A properly assembled rack set of the same brand also means greater comfort when using the toilet. Thanks to the innovative technology in Geberit sets, the flushing of water is dynamic and accurate and at the same time protects against splashing. This is all thanks to an optimized way of guiding the water flow — the innovative TurboFlush technology.

For such a set, it is worth choosing a suitable toilet bowl. We can opt for a model with covered fixtures or without, rectangular or oval shape. It all depends on our individual tastes and needs. In addition to aesthetics, it is even more important that the toilet bowl guarantees maximum hygiene. Geberit models are rimless bowls that prevent the accumulation of dangerous germs. Some models are additionally covered with a special KeraTect glaze, which makes the surface of the bowl extremely easy to clean. This is important especially for those users who have given up on strong, irritating cleaners. The seats in the Geberit range have slow and quiet closing lids, which makes using the toilet even more comfortable.

Zestaw podtynkowy to sprawdzone, kompletne rozwiązanie. Jeden zestaw składa się ze wszystkich potrzebnych części, niezbędnych do stworzenia idealnej toalety.

The concealed kit is a proven, complete solution. One kit consists of all the necessary parts needed to create the perfect toilet.


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