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Beauty, warmth, durability - Caparol

15 of November '23

Caparol is a company with a rich tradition and strong family values, offering professional solutions in the field of paints and insulation systems. It has followed the slogan "Caparol - provider of professional solutions" for more than 125 years. Founded by the German Murjahn family, the company has distinguished itself from the very beginning by its innovation and use of the latest technologies.

Westside Tower Frankfurt am Main (Niemcy)

Westside Tower Frankfurt am Main (Germany)


Today Caparol Poland is part of the international company DAW SE. Caparol's products are valued around the world, and the company, managed by the fifth generation of the founding family, continues its tradition as a provider of professional solutions, maintaining close relationships with customers and employees, which sets it apart from other manufacturers. The overriding value in their operation is teamwork, a common goal and the success of their business partners.

Zespół mieszkaniowy Wiesbaden Schierstein (Niemcy)

Wiesbaden Schierstein housing complex (Germany)


Insulation systems. Paints. Plasters.

Caparol was the first in the world to develop a dispersion paint formulation, and also the first, to start producing dispersion facade paints.

Apartamenty w Zandvoort (Holandia)

Apartments in Zandvoort (Netherlands)


The company focuses on intensive research and innovation. The strength of the brand is the skillful combination of advanced technologies with a wide range of colors. A wide spectrum of specialized products has been developed and tested to meet the requirements of a variety of substrates - 700 products in 9 categories. The brand's product range includes paints, thermal insulation systems, concrete protection and repair products, and materials for professional conservation and restoration of historic buildings.

Szeroka paleta kolorów odpornych na działanie warunków atmosferycznych

Wide range of weather-resistant colors


Caparol products

Caparol offers professional system solutions for facade paints, interior paints, plasters, thermal insulation systems, among others. It also has a wide range of products for floor protection, hyro-insulation or concrete repair and protection.

Schody wewnętrzne pomalowane farbą Capadecor Metallocryl nadają wnętrzu elegancji

Interior stairs painted with Capadecor Metallocryl paint add elegance to the interior


All products can be tinted in countless colors thanks to the Color Express service. The basis for the excellent tinting results are the high-quality pastes developed by Caparol that exactly match the requirements of the application area.

Dzięki usłudze barwienia Color Expres kolorystyka farb Caparol jest niezliczona

Thanks to the Color Express tinting service, the colors of Caparol paints are countless


Caparol's flagship products are:

  • CAPAROL Samtex interior paints - interior products, especially from the Samtex paint family, meet the most important needs of professional painters. Made with E.L.F. technology, they are safe for both contractors and users.
  • Muresko - the number 1 facade paint in Poland, guaranteeing a durable effect, even coating and quick drying after rain.
  • Caparol Capatect insulation systems: Carbon, Longlife, Classic, Standard.
  • Histolith - historic preservation technologies to keep historical heritage in top condition.
  • Disbon - products for the repair and protection of concrete, a symbol of modern construction chemicals, trusted by professional contractors.

Dekoracyjne rozwiązania DecoLasur Matt

Decorative solutions DecoLasur Matt


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