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Kabe - the highest standard of paint quality while maintaining strict environmental standards

05 of December '21

Modern decorative and protective products for years to come

The company Farby KABE Polska Sp. z o.o. has been operating on the Polish market since 1995. During this period, the company has built and established itself as a leading supplier of high-quality products for facades and interiors, such as plaster compounds, paints, insulation systems, repair and renovation systems and powder paints. The company's Swiss roots and the ability to take full advantage of the experience and achievements of the research and development department of its home company, Karl Bubenhofer AG of Gossau, make it possible to constantly enrich Farba KABE 's offer with modern, new-generation products.

Cascada Słupsk

Cascada Slupsk


FarbyKABE Polska's mission is to provide modern decorative and protective products so that they always enjoy the full approval and trust of customers - reliably fulfilling their task for many years....

Art Deco Warszawa

Art Deco Warsaw


Wide range of products is addressed to both professionals: Contractors, Architects, Designers and Monument Conservators, as well as to Individual Users. Aiming to ensure that products with the Farby KABE Polska mark enjoy the trust of customers, the company constantly optimizes all aspects related to quality, ease of application and the impact of manufactured products on the surrounding environment.

Masztalarnia Goraj

Goraj Castle Masthead


The products of the Farby KABE Polska brand are manufactured in accordance with the standards contained in the international standards of Quality Management - ISO 9001 and Environmental Management - ISO 14001. The manufactured products and insulation systems have all the necessary Approvals and Certificates. The implemented standards are a guarantee that the processes carried out in our plants are subject to constant control and continuous improvement.

Osiedle Nowy
Nikiszowiec Katowice

New Nikiszowiec estate Katowice


The Swiss company Farby KABE places special emphasis on the philosophy of "green products", whose ecological latex interior paints(PROFILATEX, PROLATEX, OPTILATEX) meet the stringent requirements of the LEED and BREEAM certification system.

Praga 17 Warszawa

Praga 17 Warsaw


Farby KABE products contribute to the shaping of new favorable working conditions, as well as to the introduction of innovative solutions that combine favorable economic effects with care for the health and comfort of users of offices, public buildings and apartments.

For more information, visit the company's Farby KABE Polska Sp. z o.o. page on the PdA portal.

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