KABE paints - a guarantee of Swiss quality


Product range of Farby KABE Polska includes high-quality paints for building facades and interiors. Their use allows you to emphasize the individual character of each room and freely shape the architectural image of the building. The use of paints from the Farby KABE Polska brand, gives the possibility to make an aesthetic and durable paint coating in a wide range of colors according to the K, FARBwerk, NCS color scheme or the supplied pattern, harmoniously matching the color scheme to one's own expectations and arrangements. Product coloring is carried out on individual customer's order in authorized distribution points, throughout Poland.

Kopalnia Ignacy, Rybnik

Ignacy Mine, Rybnik

© Farby KABE


Farby KABE Polska offers a wide range of plaster compounds for thin-coat plastering on facades, in thermal insulation systems and in building interiors. The company's offer includes, among others, silicone plasters with exceptional resistance to dirt and adverse weather conditions, silicate and polysilicate plasters with excellent water vapor permeability and low surface absorption, and acrylic plasters with high decorative qualities and high resistance to precipitation. Farby KABE Polska's range also includes mosaic plasters with highly decorative, multicolored texture and high resistance to mechanical damage.

Aurum Residence, Aleksandrów Kujawski

Aurum Residence, Aleksandrów Kujawski

© Farby KABE


Farby KABE Polska offers more than a dozen different KABE THERM facade insulation systems for buildings, based on both polystyrene and mineral wool. The variety of offered insulating systems allows the selection of the right parameters for the investment and the expected insulation effects. The use of ETICS system insulation of the facade of a building is a guarantee of long-term quality and durability. KABE THERM building exterior wall insulation systems, from the Swiss company Farby KABE Polska, are distinguished in the market for covering unified 5-year warranty on the system and color presented in the Farby KABE Polska pattern book.

Apartamenty Modrzewiowa, Niechorze

Larch Apartments, Niechorze

© Farby KABE


Materials from the HISTORICA line recommended for the renovation of historic buildings, meet all the recommendations and standards necessary to faithfully reproduce the historical character of buildings. It is important that the composition of the products is as close as possible to the materials used originally. Only such materials can meet the principle of not harming the historic structure.

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