OPTOLITH system product solutions - a beautiful past, a secure future

The abundance of unique formulas signed with the mark NOT TO BE TOLD and developed using the highest quality raw materials, innovative technologies and continuous laboratory supervision are the reliability of OPTOLITH systems.

Production based on the best raw materials with the use of modern technologies allows the company HUFGARD OPTOLITH BAUPRODUKTE POLSKA Sp. z o.o. to produce products with the highest quality parameters. All products are checked for quality by the factory laboratory, as well as specialized research units at home and abroad.

Systemowe rozwiązania produktowe OPTOLITH - piękna przeszłość, pewna przyszłość

OPTOLITH system product solutions - a beautiful past, a certain future


Unlimited selection of colors - OPTOMAL

OPTOMAL Group represents a wide range of high-quality paints for painting all kinds of interior spaces as well as building facades. OPTOMAL paints provide virtually unlimited possibility of arranging the surrounding space by selecting color according to any pattern book or on the basis of a sample provided by the customer.


In the category of health-promoting paints, an extremely interesting one is the highly vapor-permeable silicate interior paint OPTOMAL Mineralin. This paint permanently binds to mineral substrates, and together with OPTOMUR Calith lime plaster - is part of the Healthy Walls® system - extremely resistant to the growth of fungi and mold, which was created with the comfort and safety of residents in mind. Providing a "healthy" microclimate in the rooms, this system is an alternative to the commonly used gypsum plaster.


Also worth mentioning in the OPTOMAL group is the high-class interior latex paint SuperLatex, recommended for painting representative residential and office spaces, heavily used rooms, as well as rooms exposed to indirect water exposure, such as kitchens or bathrooms. The paint has class 1 wet scrub resistance, making the surfaces painted with it easy to keep clean. It is available in two variants - matte or satin - in the full range of colors of the Color Magic system.


Comprehensive solutions for insulating

The OPTOLITH brand also includes OPTOTHERM insulating systems that allow, while improving the comfort of buildings, to obtain an aesthetic and durable facade, with a choice of various structures and colors. An integral part of OPTOTHERM systems are high-quality OPTOPLAST thin-coat plasters, which are not only a decorative top layer, but also guarantee trouble-free operation of the building's facade for many years. This is possible thanks to unique formulas, optimized structure of fillers and aggregates, a rich palette of UV-resistant colors obtained using the highest quality pigment pastes, additives that increase resistance to biological corrosion and fibers that improve the plaster's resistance to mechanical damage. An example of this is the fine-grained, fiber-reinforced mineral plaster OPTOPLAST EcoFinish. The product is exceptionally easy to apply and process, giving it the possibility to be used for both plastering and stucco work. Thanks to its plasticity, it is suitable for making ornaments/decorations on the facade in the form of, for example, imitations of wooden boards. A wide range of grain size (0.3 to 1.0mm) allows to obtain structures from very fine to coarser. This plaster is distinguished by its high degree of whiteness, but also the possibility of coloring it in the mass.


OPTOLITH's product range also includes assortment groups: OPTOSTOP - products that provide effective protection of substrates against the harmful effects of moisture and water, OPTOFLEX - adhesives for tiles and stone, including for large formats, OPTOMUR - plasters andconstruction mortars, including mortars with trass for bricklaying and clinker grouting, OPTOTECH - products for repairing, leveling and protecting substrates, but also for their decorative finishing. A unique product group is OPTOSAN, which includes renovation mortars. It is thanks to this product group that today we can admire beautifully restored Poland's most distinguished monuments, such as the Teutonic Castle in Malbork, St. Mary's Cathedral Basilica in Gdansk, the Royal Castle, or the Grand Theater in Warsaw - and many, many others.


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