How to quickly renew a radiator? Use the paint

20 of November '23

Heating season makes us pay attention to radiators. How to turn an old cast iron radiator into a retro decoration? You can do it by following just a few simple steps.

Pomalowanie kaloryfera może całkowicie odmienić wygląd wnętrza

Painting the radiator can completely change the look of the interior

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Color matching of the radiator to the whole arrangement allows you to create a fashionable total look in the interior. The green radiator will gracefully harmonize with the walls and the sofa in the same shade. All of this will create a tasteful, monochromatic arrangment.

Dopasowanie grzejnika do reszty aranżacji stworzy stylowy total look

Matching the radiator with the rest of the arrangement will create a stylish total look

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Bold accent

If you're a fan of contrasting combinations, reach for the classics. A black radiator will come to the fore, characteristically standing out against the background of bright walls. At the same time, such subdued colors will not overwhelm the space.

Biel i czarne to klasyczne i eleganckie połączenie

White and black is a classic and elegant combination

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What paint is suitable for painting a radiator?

There are special products on the market for this type of work. Paints for radiators are distinguished by their durability and resistance to moisture and high temperatures. With the help of enamels for radiators, we can carry out the renovation by painting only one layer. Radiator paints are suitable for use on materials such as cast iron, steel, copper and aluminum.

Użyj specjalnej farby do kaloryferów

Use a special paint for radiators

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How to do it?

  1. Before starting, make sure the surface of the radiator is clean and degreased.

  2. Sections with visible rust need to be cleaned with a wire brush or sandpaper. If the paint is peeling, it is necessary to remove it.

  3. Exposed parts need to be primed with an anticorrosive product.

  4. It is worth dulling the surface of the radiator with sandpaper, and then dust it off by wiping it with a cloth or using a vacuum cleaner.

  5. Before painting, mix the paint thoroughly. It is best to apply it with a brush, or in the case of flat radiators - with a roller. Pay special attention to even distribution of the product.

  6. You can apply another layer after about 4 hours.

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