Checkerboard pattern on the floor. How to make it?

Checkerboard is a popular decorative motif eagerly used in interior design. Applied to large areas, it attracts the eye and is an unusual decoration. The classical black and white checkerboard, looks great on the floor. 

Klasyczna szachownica pięknie prezentuje się we wnętrzach w stylu vintage

The classic checkerboard looks beautiful in vintage-style interiors

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Prepare the stencil

The first step is to make a stencil and adjust the size of the checkerboard to the floor. You can prepare the stencil of squares from cardboard by cutting them in the size you want.

Przygotuj szablon z tektury

Prepare the template from cardboard

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Drawing and taping the squares

If you make the pattern on a freshly painted floor, make sure beforehand that the previous layer has dried well. It's best to give yourself time and wait at least a week to make sure the masking tape doesn't leave any marks.

In case that the floor has already been painted, make sure the surface is clean and free of irregularities. Before drawing the pattern, it is worth considering the arrangement of the grids. This is because the squares can be painted straight or on a slant, in the so-called diamond pattern. After choosing a decor, you need to measure the squares and trace them on the floor. It is a good idea to tape them with painter's tape, pressing it firmly to the floor. If you want to get even cutoffs, the tapes applied should overlap. To avoid confusion in color, it is worthwhile to mark the squares that will not be painted with small pieces of tape.

Oklej kwadraty taśmą malarską

Tape the squares with painter's tape

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The squares should be covered with the paint in the color of your choice twice. A roller with short bristles or a brush with synthetic bristles will work best. Be sure to remove the painter's tape after the last coat of paint has dried, peeling it off at a 45-degree angle. Choose a paint that dries quickly so the floor won't be out of service for a long time.

Pomaluj wzór dwoma warstwami farby

Paint the pattern with two coats of paint

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