Electric heating systems for the construction industry

nVent Thermal supplies heating systems and leak detection and localization systems to the industrial, construction, telecommunications, medical and other OEM sectors. Combining the operations and experience of Raychem, Pyrotenax, Hew-Therm and Tracer, it produces more diversified heating products than any other company in the world.

For the construction industry, the company offers electric heating systems based on Raychem's self-regulating technology widely used in commercial and residential construction: underfloor heating, freeze protection for water pipes and sprinkler systems, de-icing of roofs and keeping gutters clear in winter, snow and ice removal on driveways, frames and sidewalks, hot water temperature maintenance, leak detection and locating systems


Self-regulating heating, unlike the commonly used fixed-resistance cables, automatically adjusts the heating output along the length of the cable to the ambient temperature by responding to external heat sources.

Due to its design using a polymer self-regulating element:

  • SAFE: there is no possibility of heating above the marked maximum temperature (it does not overheat, it can be wrapped or crossed over safely)
  • FAST INSTALLATION: laid in grooved insulation boards, can be cut or extended at will during installation
  • DURABLE: it is mechanically very durable.

Przewód nVent RAYCHEM
T2Red z płytami izolacyjnymi Reflecta

nVent RAYCHEM T2Red cable with Reflecta insulation boards


When installing fixed-resistance systems, it is necessary to remember the need for a very precise layout of the room - kitchen or bathroom cabinets already at the stage of laying the floor. These systems heat at full power over the entire surface - in obscured areas the heat accumulates, so the system may fail (overheat the cable) or damage furniture or carpet on the floor. The self-regulating, intelligent nVent RAYCHEM T2Red system detects such zones on its own and limits heating, and changing the position of furniture in the future is not a problem. It is suitable for all types of floor coverings. Supplementing the system with aluminum-coated nVent RAYCHEM Reflecta insulation boards, you gain even heat distribution and minimal energy consumption, but this requires raising the floor level by 13 mm.

grzewcza nVent RAYCHEM Quicknet

nVent RAYCHEM Quicknet heating mat


Fixed-resistance ducting also has its advantages. Factory-finished, thin (3 mm thick), single-sided powered nVent RAYCHEM QuickNet mats are ideal for renovations and refurbishments: they can be laid in the tile adhesive layer and thus do not raise the floor level. The modern and intuitive thermostat has the option to remotely control the heating system via the free SENZ-WIFI mobile app. It can be controlled by voice - it is compatible with Amazon Alexa® and Google Assistant® smart home systems.

COMFORTABLE WINTER ACCESS - concrete, asphalt and paved driveways

Electric heating systems are an effective method of maintaining the surface of sidewalks, driveways and walkways in a condition that ensures trouble-free and safe movement. In areas with special traffic - parking lots, loading ramps, entrances to underground parking lots and even helicopter landing pads and airports - durable and damage-resistant nVent RAYCHEM EM2-XR self-regulating cables (300 W/m², 90 W/m at 0°C) are used. Thanks to self-regulating technology, these wires maintain the required temperature along the entire length of the heating circuit. They are very safe - they do not overheat even at the point of crossing.

Ogrzewanie zjazdu do garażu, system EM2-XR, Warszawa

Garage exit heating, EM2-XR system, Warsaw, Poland.


EM2-MI mineral insulated high-temperature heating cables are the best solution for heating systems laid in hot asphalt. No other heating cable is so resistant to high temperatures and damage during installation.

Ogrzewanie rampy dojazdowej na lotnisko Chopina, system EM2-MI \

Heating the access ramp to Chopin Airport, EM2-MI system


Raychem EM2-CM heating mats, 300 W/m² and 60 cm wide, work well for clearing snow from sidewalks and driving lanes covered with paving stones. They can be rolled out immediately before concrete is poured. The factory-terminated 25 W/m Raychem EM4-CW fixed-resistance heating cables are laid on stairs, complex and irregularly shaped surfaces. The 2-wire cable design means only one cold wire to be connected to the power supply and controller.


The task of electric heating systems is to protect water and sewage pipes from freezing, to protect installations supplying fuel oil or other liquids that change their physical and chemical properties under low temperatures, and to maintain the proper temperature of the pipeline. Using thermal insulation alone or increasing its thickness is often insufficient. Self-regulating nVent RAYCHEM FroStop heating cable or the new halogen-free, low-smoke XL-Trace cables combined with appropriate thermal insulation will effectively protect water pipes, hydrant and sprinkler systems from freezing.

Ogrzewanie dachu, system FroStop, Warszawa

Roof heating, FroStop system, Warsaw, Poland.



A complete self-regulating system with FroStop Black electric heating cable with 28 W/m in snow/ice, 16 W/m in air at 5°C, provides reliable protection against damage in winter conditions. The heating cables are laid in a straight line along gutters and inside pipes. In box gutters or troughs, the cable may need to be laid in several lines. For fixing the cable, making branches, connecting the power supply and termination, there are accessories that are part of the respective system. It is possible to fully automate the operation - the EMDR-10 controller with a temperature and humidity sensor turns the system on automatically only if certain atmospheric conditions occur simultaneously.

Ogrzewanie rynien, system FroStop, Warszawa

Gutter heating, FroStop system, Warsaw, Poland


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