Warmth and style in your interior

At what stage is it best to think about the radiator in the interior? Definitely before we choose furniture, lighting and accessories. Let's treat the radiator as an element not only functional, but also decorative. Is this even possible? Polish radiator manufacturer - LUXRAD Polska Mazur i Wspólnicy Sp. J. in its offer has dozens of radiator models and several hundred combinations - starting with sizes and ending with colors!

Design and functionality - the perfect duo

When designing interiors today, we must remember, above all, functional solutions. Less and less often do we want to recreate an interior from a catalog. We care about creating a space to live in for years to come. As a result, we try to choose such products and solutions that will allow us to sleep peacefully and thanks to which we can avoid worries that, for example, after just one year you can see scratches on the floor, and the wall in the kitchen is suitable for repainting.

Functionality is the key word of today's design. It applies to every element we can find in our home. Also radiators, or maybe especially? Luxrad creates its offer based on its own experience, so if you are looking for a radiator for a small interior such as a bathroom - you will find the Atakama or Scala New model in the offer.

What's more - Luxrad was the first radiator manufacturer to start introducing models that not only heat, but.... and glow, or have a mirror. An ideal decorative element, but also functional. With one product, we have an additional source of light or an additional space in which we can look at ourselves. The model of the radiator with a mirror hides another advantage - if we install it in a small space, then thanks to just the option with a mirror - we can optically enlarge it.

z osłoną szklaną z grafiką

Niagara with glass cover with graphics

© Luxrad

Personalization - a radiator "tailor-made" for you

Radiator with your own graphics? Another "2-in-1" proposal - not only heats, but also performs an additional function. The radiator can be personalized by choosing any image. It is only up to us what will appear on the radiator: one of the graphics proposed by Luxrad or our own design. Recently, the brand has increased the number of available graphics by entering into a partnership with Michal Sadowski of Brand24, supporting the Wroclaw children's hospice.

Going one step further - let's talk about colors. We have a wide range of RAL colors and special colors to choose from. This allows us to choose the right color scheme for the radiator, which will perfectly blend into the space of the bathroom or room and match the arrangement. The RAL palette includes a color pattern created and defined at the beginning of the 20th century. The choice of a particular color gives great freedom of all kinds of shades. And if it turns out that we do not find "our color" among these proposals, it is possible to choose from so-called special colors - from energetic orange to subdued grays.



© Luxrad

Room heaters

Luxrad offers awide range of decorative room heaters. Starting from a large range of colors, to size and ending with the shape. This gives us virtually unlimited design choices.

One of our flagship models - Fortuna, attracts attention with its designer shape of heating surfaces, which are slightly rounded. The design of this model is a response to current trends. Customers are more and more willing to choose rounded finishes, including furniture and accessories. This gives the interior a certain coziness. Moreover, this radiator can be mounted horizontally or vertically. Fortuna is a model that is the best example confirming that design and functionality are a harmonious duo. Room radiators are ideal for modern, eclectic or traditional interiors.



© Luxrad

Bathroom radiators

The bathroom is a special place for us. It is where we start and end each day. When decorating a bathroom, we pay attention primarily to its functionality, but more and more often we want to create a cozy interior like a mini SPA. We choose equipment, decorative accessories and look for the best bathroom heater. One that will perform its functions and, in addition, will match the interior of our bathroom.

ATRIA radiator is a new type of bathroom radiator. The simplicity of the wide square tubes and the rectangular shape of the structure will fit into any bathroom decor and give it charm. On any wall it will look aesthetically pleasing, and can also act as a towel rack.

In Luxrad's offer we can find dozens of models that can be matched to the living room, bedroom, children's room or bathroom by color, shape and size!

For more information, visit the company's LUXRAD Polska Mazur i Wspólnicy Sp. J. page on the PdD portal.