Electric heating systems for residential construction

The company ELEKTRA was established in 1985 and is now one of the largest manufacturers of electric heating systems in Central Europe. It focuses on the quality of its products, resulting in numerous awards.

ELEKTRA floor heating

ELEKTRA underfloor heating is successfully used indoors,
in detached houses, multi-family housing and public buildings.

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Example of fixing the heating cable inside the gutter

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Finishing materials that can be used with ELEKTRA floor heating

  • Ceramic tiles and stone floors
  • Carpet coverings with approval
  • PVC floor coverings with approval
  • Parquet, floor panels, layered board.

Advantages of

  • Easy installation
  • Installations in adhesive mortar layer, self-leveling screed(MatyMG, MD, DM conduits, UltraTec), concrete screed(VCD conduits), directly under floor panels or layered board(WoodTec™ foils)
  • 20-year warranty
  • Excellent for allergy sufferers.

Przykład ułożenia maty grzejnej ELEKTRA

Example of ELEKTRA heating mat installation


  • ELEKTRA DM, ELEKTRA UltraTec heating cables: single-sided powered cables with power of 10 W/m and dimensions of ~4.3 mm (ELEKTRA DM), ~2×3 mm (ELEKTRA UltraTec). The wires can be used in rooms with complex shapes.
  • ELEKTRA VCD heating cables: single-sided powered, with power of 10, 17 W/m and dimensions ~5×7 mm. They are used, as basic heating. Arranged in the concrete screed at the stage of construction.
  • ELEKTRA MD double-sided powered and ELEKTRA MG single-sided powered heating mats are made of heating cables attached to fiberglass mesh (500 mm wide). They are used, as supplementary heating (warm floor) and basic heating system. They are also designed for self-assembly. The unit power of the mat is 100 or 160 W/m².
  • ELEKTRA WoodTec2TM single-sided powered heating foils are made of heating cables attached to a fiberglass mesh (500 mm wide) on one side and covered with aluminum foil on the other. Designed for dry installation, they are mainly used as supplementary heating (warm floor) under panels and layered boards. The power of the mats 70 and 140 W/m².


Electric underfloor heating is most effective and economical
when its operation is supervised by an intelligent controller.

ELEKTRA OWD5 WiFi is the latest touchscreen, programmable, electronic temperature controller equipped with WiFi. It is designed to control an electric floor heating system using an app.

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Example of fixing the heating cable to the roof plane

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Protection against snow and ice

Outside for protection against icing of garage exits, sidewalks, ramps, water pipes,
drinking water pipes, valves, actuators, roofs, roof drains, gutters and downpipes.

  • ELEKTRA SnowTec®Tuff heating mats - designed for laying in areas exposed to harsh installation and/or working conditions (high mechanical strength). Resistant to temporary exposure temperature (240°C), which allows installation directly in asphalt. Used for snow and ice protection of outdoor surfaces, such as garage exits, sidewalks and ramps. Unit power 400 W/m².
  • ELEKTRA SelfTec® 16 ready2heat heating cables - terminated with a power cable with an airtight plug, designed for self-assembly - do not require the use of a regulator, only switching on during snowfall. Unit power (+10°C) 16 W/m.
  • ELEKTRA VCD25 heating cables - single-sided powered, designed for protection against snow and ice of external surfaces with complex shapes (stairs, sidewalks, etc.). Unit power of 25 W/m.
  • ELEKTRA VCDR heating cables - available in specified lengths, terminated with a power cable. The outer coating of the cable is resistant to high temperatures and UV radiation. Designed to protect gutters and downpipes and protect roof slopes and roof edges from frost, snow or ice. Unit power of 20 W/m.
  • ELEKTRA SnowTec® heating mats - ready-to-lay elements, designed to protect outdoor surfaces from snow and ice, such as garage exits, sidewalks, ramps. Unit power of 300 W/m².

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Consumer Laurel 2021

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For more information, visit the company's ELEKTRA page on the PdD portal.