The app will select your... radiators

A new mobile app aims to make radiator selection simple when replacing a heat source or upgrading an existing system.

Aplikacja mobilna pomoże dobrać odpowiednie grzejniki

The mobile app will help select the right radiators

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How it works?

After entering basic data such as the depth and width of the radiator, as well as the heating load of the room and the supply temperature of the installation, you will receive information on what area can be heated with the selected model. In addition to the ability to select the optimal radiator dimensions to fit the room, the application also offers more advanced features. It is useful, for example, when we want to achieve a different temperature than the standard one of a given room. In such a case, the application helps you to calculate the optimal dimensions of a radiator tailored to individual users' thermal comfort preferences.

Po wpisaniu podstawowych danych aplikacja dopasuje nam najlepsze grzejniki

After entering basic data, the application will match you the best radiators

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Tailored heating

The application is dedicated primarily to installers and is intended to facilitate their work. However, it is also useful for designers and individual investors, who can check whether the radiators installed in their homes meet expectations related to thermal comfort.

- Due to the drastic changes associated with the recent increase in electricity and gas prices, more and more investors in Poland are deciding to modernize their existing heating system. However, we must remember that it is not enough to replace the heat source itself, such as with an energy-efficient heat pump or condensing gas boiler. In order to take full advantage of their potential, we need to adapt the entire heating system to them. This means checking whether the existing radiators are capable of heating the room in which they are installed, and whether they will cooperate with the new heat source in such a way as to achieve optimal heating parameters - both in terms of energy savings and user comfort. If not - it is worth replacing them with an optimal model. This small, one-time cost can determine the success of the replacement, because in the case of an inadequate radiator, heating costs can increase very significantly -  says Piotr Krzemiński, author of the application concept.

Przy wymianie źródła ciepła należy sprawdzić, czy grzejniki zapewniają optymalne parametry grzewcze

When replacing a heat source, check whether the radiators provide optimal heating parameters

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