SPLinx GLOW AQUA - special paints and varnishes for the Blacksmith.

Imagine that the proverbial Blacksmith has the opportunity to use special paints and varnishes in and around his home. He can create his surroundings in any expressive way he wants or saturate them with special effects. And all this without any demanding preparations, sophisticated tools or specialized knowledge. On top of that, with ecological water-based paints that are simple to use, do not emit unpleasant odors and are easy to dilute and clean. All this will be offered by the new GLOW AQUA series of special paints and varnishes for home use by the Polish leader in this field, SPLinx.

Although the GLOW AQUA Series will ultimately concentrate in its palette most of the available possibilities for creating paints and varnishes from special pigments, the first to appear on the market will be the seven most popular product groups in this segment.

The first group will be fluorescent paints. These are paints that resemble glowing neon, with extremely bright and clear shades in daylight AND glow colorfully under UV lamps. Fluorescent paints are mainly used to attract the attention of the viewer, to attract his interest, and are often used to apply warning and information signage. Due to their unique expressiveness and vivid colors, fluorescent paints are especially liked by children.

Farba GLOW AQUA akrylowa złota i srebrna

GLOW AQUA acrylic paint gold and silver

© SPLinx

Another group will be invisible fluorescent paints from the same family of special paints as the above. The only difference is that invisible fluorescent paints are completely transparent in daylight, revealing their true color potential only under UV lamps, under which they glow yellow, green, red, orange, purple, blue and even white. They can be used for surprising arrangements of game rooms, games and entertainment for children and adults. Imagine a room whose walls are completely white in daylight. Only after turning off the lights AND turning on the UV lamps do colorful pictures, inscriptions, signs, etc. appear.

The next group of special paints in the GLOW AQUA series that SPLinx wants to launch first are phosphorescent paints (glow-in-the-dark). These are paints that "recharge" themselves, so to speak, with UV radiation contained mainly in daylight and partially in artificial light, after lights out or darkening of the room giving back the accumulated energy in the form of light. The luminescence lasts from several to up to a dozen hours. Several primary colors like yellow, green, blue, red, orange and purple will be available in this series. Phosphorescent paints are widely used in both industrial and domestic use. With their help, you can create fairy-tale scenery for children's rooms glowing at night with stars, castles, fairy-tale and dream characters. They are also used for warning purposes, in temporarily darkened areas to warn users of dangerously protruding objects, obstacles, stair steps, low ceilings, etc.

Farba GLOW AQUA akrylowa fosforyzująca, tablica pomnika lotników, realizacja NIEBO BEZ GRANIC

GLOW AQUA acrylic phosphorescent paint, aviator memorial plaque, implementation of Skies Without Borders

© SPLinx

Another family of special paints in the GLOW AQUA series will be metallic paints imitating gold, silver and their different colored shades. They can be used to arrange loft interiors, create fairy-tale-like decorations and settings, baroque ornamentation or Byzantine splendor. GLOW AQUA metallic water paints can be successfully applied to wooden, metal, plastic surfaces, walls and ceilings, and even concrete.

The first seven paints in the GLOW AQUA series will also include thermochromic paints. These are paints that change color when exposed to a user-specified temperature. Discoloring or tinting with its decrease or increase. Thermochromic paints are the most popular, tinting color at the temperature of the interior of the refrigerator and discoloring when touched by the human body, such as the hand. However, it will be possible to order on special request a paint with any temperature of change from -20°C to +70°C in any standard color.

Farba GLOW AQUA akrylowa brokatowa

GLOW AQUA acrylic glitter paint

© SPLinx

The next set of special paints in the GLOW AQUA series are reflective paints. These are paints containing special glass micro beads that have the ability to reflect light directed at them, such as road vehicles, lamps and flashlights or other types of lighting sources. They can be used to create traffic paths, for warning of protruding objects, horizontal or vertical marking, highlighting railings, handrails or barriers. They can also be used to decorate all kinds of surfaces for an eye-catching reflective effect.

The next installment of GLOW AQUA products in this series are pearlescent, glitter and variable-optical varnishes. They are characterized by beautiful shine and exceptional brilliance with a flash effect. They come in a variety of colors and shades and in different sizes of pigments, creating unique effects of multicolored reflections. They can be used to decorate both interiors and exteriors, everyday objects, furniture, plastic, metal and wooden parts, etc.

Farba GLOW AQUA akrylowa niewidoczna fluorescencyjna, biała, mural reklamowy, realizacja WAKEUP

GLOW AQUA acrylic invisible fluorescent paint, white, advertising mural, implementation of WAKEUP

© SPLinx

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