Easy to use and most effective protection of metal surfaces

Elements made of metal, or steel, are very durable, but when exposed to various weather conditions, they can deteriorate. Metal is very sensitive to prolonged exposure to water or high temperatures. Corrosion destroys metal and changes its appearance, so it is worth protecting it properly.


Choosing the right paint for painting metal is not always easy. There is a very large selection of paints for protecting metal surfaces on the market.
Among their many different types, a good choice will be an acrylic formula based on water-based dispersions, while perfectly protecting the metal from premature aging.

Grunt i farba w 1 – także w renowacjach hal blaszanych oraz do wykorzystania w przemyśle

Primer and paint in 1 - also in renovation of tin halls and for industrial use


An example of such a paint is METAMAL water-based primer and paint in 1 - also for use without primer for steel, iron, metal surfaces, renovation of old paint coatings and one-coat painting. It is recommended for painting machine elements, equipment and structures, painting walls of industrial halls, shelters, elements of small architecture, tin roofs, etc.

The high content of anticorrosive additives makes it provide long-lasting protection and resistance to adverse environmental conditions and significantly delays the process of corrosion. In many cases, it DOES NOT require priming. An additional advantage is that the water-based formula contributes much less to environmental interference.

Długotrwała ochrona mebli tarasowych i elementów małej architektury

Long-lasting protection for terrace furniture and landscaping elements


The thinner for Metamal primer is water, which makes it much easier to apply and much less damaging to the environment and safer for the user. If you have not used the option of water-based paints for metal protection until now - choosing METAMAL gruntoemal is a great option. A wide range of applications, as well as excellent properties will make you reach for it once again.

Proste w użyciu i najbardziej efektywne zabezpieczenie powierzchni metalowych

Easy to use and the most effective protection of metal surfaces


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