How to take care of clean air at home?

Smog is a serious problem that is particularly acute during the heating season. However, the issue of poor air quality does not only affect our surroundings. Indoors it can be up to five times more polluted than outside!

Materials for special tasks

Among other things, formaldehydes, which are also a component of smog, are responsible for poor air quality in the apartment. These toxic, highly aromatic chemicals are used in building materials and everyday items such as wooden furniture and refrigerators. These chemicals easily penetrate the body through the respiratory system, subsequently causing allergies and asthma, among other things. They are also believed to have carcinogenic effects. One way to combat harmful formaldehydes is to use paints that reduce their concentration. By painting your walls with them, you can significantly improve the air quality in your home and at the same time create beautiful interior designs.

Na rynku dostępne są specjalne farby, które pomagają pozbyć się szkodliwych związków

There are special paints that help get rid of harmful compounds available on the market

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Salutary vegetation

While taking care of clean air, of course, we can't forget about plants. Vegetation acts as a natural filter, absorbing harmful compounds from the air. At the same time, it is also a charming interior decoration. Potted flowers bring color and freshness into the house. They also blend beautifully with wood and earth colors, creating arrangements full of naturalness, in which you feel a positive, crisp atmosphere. Opt for species that are known for improving air quality. These include ficus, sansevieria, ferns, peace lily and bamboo palm.

Wprowadź do wnętrza rośliny pomagające w walce ze smogiem

Choose plants that help fight smog

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Professional help

One of the most effective ways to ensure clean air in the home is through recuperation. Modern systems, in addition to their primary function of providing optimal air exchange and heat recovery, clean the air of smog. This is made possible by appropriate anti-smog filters that trap particulate pollution. Such an energy-efficient mechanical ventilation system allows you not only to save on heating energy, but also to enjoy clean and fresh air all year round.

Rekuperacja pozwala zaoszczędzić na rachunkach za ogrzewanie oraz oczyścić powietrze

Recuperation saves on heating bills and cleans the air

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