Lavita - comprehensive equipment for your bathroom

The mission of the Lavita brand, which belongs to the family company Domino Poland, is to provide comprehensive assistance in creating beautiful, comfortable and functional bathrooms, in which all elements harmonize and perfectly complement each other. The result is a comfortable, perfectly tailored to the customer's needs space, which is an oasis of peace and relaxation.

Realizing the mission of the brand, we carefully listen to the expectations of our customers and together with the best designers create the highest quality products that fit into the latest trends in interior design.

The Lavita brand's wide range of products includes, among others, toilet bowls (wall-hung, compact), bidets, bowls with bidet function, washbasins (countertop, wall-mounted, floor-standing, recessed), bathroom furniture, free-standing bathtubs, heaters, mirrors, accessories, racks and linear drains - everything you need to functionally equip your dream bathroom!

Umywalka wolnostojąca Soft / Lustro Lotis 100 / Wanna wolnostojąca Comodo 1700 / Miska wisząca Sofi Gold Lin

Soft freestanding washbasin / Lotis 100 mirror / Comodo 1700 freestanding bathtub / Sofi Gold Lin wall-mounted bowl.


A wide range of sizes of Lavita products will allow you to choose them to suit any size of bathroom and fit into a variety of arrangements, as our offer includes solutions that fit into both modern, minimalist style, as well as spaces maintained in the spirit of glamour or eclectic interiors.

We use only high quality materials and components, which is a guarantee of durability and longevity of our solutions. For example, toilet bowls are equipped with the RIM + (open or semi-open) no-flush system, thanks to which bacteria do not accumulate in places usually difficult to reach, so cleaning the toilet is more thorough, faster and easier.

Bathroom with Lavita is a guarantee of comfort, beauty and trouble-free operation for many years. Assuring the durability of our products, we offer long warranty periods - 15 years for bowls and sinks, and 10 years for bathtubs. However, we don't just stop at tried-and-true solutions - our Lavita Design Team is constantly improving products and introducing innovative ideas in order to make the company's offer optimized, comprehensive and tailored to customers' needs.

Wanna wolnostojąca Mensola 1700 / Słupek Floryda 300 / Szafka Floryda 600 z koszem cargo Floryda i modułem 200 / Blat Oak 1300 / Umywalka nablatowa Galera slim / Lustro Kalisto 1200x600 / Miska wisząca i bidet Onil oraz grzejnik Frio White 1096x500

Mensola 1700 freestanding bathtub / Florida 300 pedestal / Florida 600 cabinet with Florida cargo basket and 200 module / Oak 1300 countertop / Galera slim countertop washbasin / Kalisto 1200x600 mirror / Onil wall-mounted bowl and bidet and Frio White 1096x500 radiator


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