Get inspired by color!

New Trendy is a renowned Polish manufacturer of shower enclosures. Since 2006, it has invariably provided high-quality solutions for the comprehensive arrangement of the shower area. Its offer includes more than 350 models of shower enclosures, shower doors and bathtub screens. A wide range of shower trays, linear drains and accessories allows for modern and designer bathroom furnishings.

Introduce color into your bathroom with the Avexa collection!

Avexa Copper Brushed and Avexa Gunmetal Brushed are the new colors the manufacturer has launched in 2022. The copper and graphite-colored products feature a brushed finish that emphasizes their unique character. In the presented collections, in addition to the standard solutions, we will find, among others, a pentagonal shower enclosure, which is ideal for bathrooms with a small area, as well as models with a railing hanger or a wall-mounted enclosure for large bathrooms. It is worth noting that all products in the series have a special gutter for draining water, which helps get rid of the problem of water dripping onto the floor from the door.

Products in the Avexa series are also available in colors:

- gold with a high-gloss finish
- gold with a brushed finish
- white with a matte finish
- black with a matte finish
- high gloss chrome

Kabina prysznicowa typu walk in z kolekcji Smart Light Gold

Walk-in shower enclosure from the Smart Light Gold collection


Solutions not only for small bathrooms

New Trendy proves that technology can serve design at every step. The Smart collection is another novelty the manufacturer has introduced to the market. The Smart series products feature a special lower sliding system, while the upper part features a barely visible point guide, which ensures smooth opening and closing of the shower enclosures. The entire collection is equipped with 8mm-thick tempered glass with Active Shield coating, which prevents limescale deposits. In addition, it is worth noting the innovative solution, which is a sliding walk-in cabin. The use of such a solution is a response to customer needs related to the arrangement of small bathrooms.

The products are available in chrome, black and gold colors in a light sheen.

Pięciokątna kabina prysznicowa z kolekcji Avexa Gunmetal Brushed

Pentagonal shower enclosure from the Avexa Gunmetal Brushed collection


Modern "soft close" system

The innovative solution can also be found in the next Softi and Softi Black collections. Products from these collections may appeal especially to people who treat the bathroom as their relaxation zone, and the sound of closing doors gives them the creeps. The entire collection is equipped with a special self-closing "soft close" system, which slows down the sliding of the door in the last phase of its opening and closing.

The collection is available in chrome and black.

Certified shower trays

Aesthetic decoration of the bathroom and high-end safety. The new collections Nex, Nex Shade and Mori, are a wide range of conglomerate shower trays in many sizes, shapes and with different structures, including smooth, anti-slip, or imitating stone structure. Importantly - they allow us to customize their dimensions, so we can fit them perfectly into our shower area.

Products in the Mild and Mild Stone collections are also an interesting alternative. These are acrylic shower trays in a very wide selection of shapes and solutions. They come in versions with a smooth structure and with a finish imitating natural stone in white and black colors. Noteworthy is also the possibility to choose the height of the shower tray: 4,5 cm and 11,5 cm, depending on the technical possibilities of the room.

The offer also includes classic models of acrylic shower trays, available in shapes and sizes to match the cabins offered by the manufacturer.
All New Trendy products meet all Polish and European standards and have the required approvals and certificates. Some of the products also have customizable dimensions. More at

Przyścienna kabina prysznicowa z systemem „soft close” z kolekcji Softi Black

A wall-mounted shower enclosure with a "soft close" system from the Softi Black collection.


A perfect fit

True beauty lies in perfectly matched details. In the manufacturer's offer you will find linear drains, drain grids and towel racks in colors and finishes matching the colors of the Avexa collection. Perfectly color-matched details will help create a harmonious interior.

Design in every size

A wall in the shower cubicle? A full-height "floor-to-ceiling" cabin? A bathtub screen in a green color? New Trendy to meet the non-standard needs of customers provides a tool that is The configurator makes it possible to tailor products to the most demanding needs, allowing you to personalize the shape of the cabin, change the dimensions, as well as change the color of the details and the type of glass. For more information, please visit our website

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