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Open Day at Franke showroom

15 of May '24

On Saturday, May 25, there will be an Open Day at the Franke company showroom in Homepark Janki near Warsaw. This is a great opportunity to get to know better the novelties and bestsellers of the Swiss brand and take advantage of the prepared attractions.

bateria kuchena Mythos Masterpiece

Mythos Masterpiece kitchen faucet



The day's program includes live cooking, which will be conducted by Tomasz Jakubiak, a juror of the MasterChef program. All visitors will also be able to take part in a contest about the latest products, full of innovation, that have recently completed the showroom's display. To be won is the Lina Clear Water filtration system, which provides constant access to crystal clear and pleasant-tasting water. It consists of a minimalist faucet and a cabinet-mounted, compact filter that is smaller than other solutions of its kind.

The Open Day is aimed primarily at people who are decorating their kitchens and, in the maze of various proposals, are looking for equipment that perfectly suits their style of cooking and use of the kitchen, as well as suits their taste. Our showroom is the best place to see the full range of appliances right away - from sinks and faucets, to ovens, induction hobs and hoods, to wine coolers, coffee makers, water filtration and waste management systems. Our professional experts will help in their selection," says Katarzyna Niezabitowska-Baj, PR & Event Manager of Franke Polska.

nowa płyta zintegrowana z okapem

new hob integrated with hood



Mythos Masterpiece kitchen mixers

The Mythos Masterpiece collection is a sophisticated proposal for an elegant kitchen. The kitchen faucets in the series won the Kitchen Innovation Awards 2024 and the Red Dot Awards 2024, and complement the award-winning Mythos Masterpiece line of sinks. The faucets attract attention with their wide, solid body with a textured surface. They are available in stainless steel and fashionable colors: anthracite, gold and copper. The models are also very convenient for daily use thanks to a pull-out spout with a shower function that can be switched to a compact, crystalline laminar jet.

Innovative K-Link System

K-Link technology connects selected models of induction cooktops to hoods, creating a connected home appliance system. As a result, the hood automatically adjusts the absorption power to the operating level of the induction hob. This not only increases the efficiency of the hood, but also reduces noise levels and electricity consumption. With K-Link technology, the two previously independent appliances automatically communicate with each other, giving you more control, safety and cooking pleasure.

Sinks in slate gray color

The color and texture of slate inspire fashion designers, architects and artists. A slate gray sink made of Fragranite material lends a quiet elegance to the kitchen and fits into any interior. It goes well with metallic faucets in shiny chrome, brushed gold, copper and matte black. The new sinks have a light texture with a natural look, are resistant to damage and dirt, and are easy to clean and hygienic thanks to Sanitized® technology.

nowy kolor zlewozmywaków wyrazista łupkowa szarość

new color of sinks distinct slate gray


New versions of hobs integrated with the hood

Plates integrated with the hood are becoming increasingly popular in the kitchen. The new models, Mythos 2gether Icon Steel and Maris 2gether Minimal Black, combine automated cooking and space saving. They offer precise temperature control on 9 heating levels, the option to connect adjacent cooking fields (Flexi), Booster function and high energy efficiency. Convenient filter access and dishwasher-safe (the carbon filter can also be regenerated in the oven) make maintenance and reuse easy. The compact size of the motor means additional space savings in the kitchen cabinet.

okap i płyta połączone technologią K-LINK

Hood and cooktop connected by K-LINK technology


Lina Cleart Water home filtration system

Lina Clear Water is a home filtration system that combines compact design with high efficiency. The system uses a two-stage filtration process that removes impurities as small as 0.5 micrometers from water, as well as unpleasant odor and improves its taste. It reduces pesticides and heavy metals and inhibits bacterial growth. The compact filter is half the size of other such solutions, so it doesn't take up valuable space in the cabinet under the sink, so a standard set of waste garbage cans will also fit there. Replacing the filter is very easy, and you can do it yourself without the risk of flooding the kitchen.

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