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Cemex awarded eco-grants

15 of May '24

"Thirteen" can be happy too! That's how many non-governmental organizations and educational institutions have received financial support under the latest edition of the Cemex Foundation Grant Competition entitled: "EKO Ideas Factory". The awarded funds will allow the implementation of initiatives related to environmental and climate protection and sustainable development. The Grant Competition is part of Cemex's global strategy entitled: "Future in Action", which aims to combat climate change.


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The Cemex Foundation Grant Competition was organized for the first time in 2009, this year's edition is the 16th in succession.

Participants in this year's edition could apply for support in the amount of up to PLN 10,000. By the decision of the Chapter, grants were awarded to 13 educational institutions and NGOs, including schools, kindergartens, community centers and associations. The total amount of grants was almost PLN 124 thousand.

Thanks to the funds obtained, Cemex's social partners will implement projects dedicated to environmental protection and sustainable development. Among the awarded initiatives were, for example, educational projects on animal protection or waste segregation, actions promoting an active lifestyle in harmony with nature, as well as undertakings aimed at creating bee-friendly places.

All activities subsidized by the Cemex Foundation will be carried out in locations where concrete plants, aggregate mines and cement plants of Cemex Poland operate.

- Combating climate change is one of Cemex's priorities. In this regard, our Foundation undertakes numerous activities to promote the idea of sustainable development. One of our key goals is to stimulate and support grassroots initiatives in locations where Cemex plants operate. We are happy that through the grants we award every year we can make our contribution to the implementation of valuable local projects," says Dominika Sztuka-Arak, President of the Cemex Foundation "We Build the Future.

The Cemex Foundation Grant Competition has been organized since 2009. To date, more than 300 projects have already received support, for a total amount of more than PLN 2.4 million. Nearly one million people have so far benefited from the activities carried out under the supported activities.

The commitment of the Cemex Foundation and its founder, Cemex Poland, in the field of sustainable development, especially in the context of combating climate change, is steadily increasing. Last year, the Cemex Foundation signed the Declaration of Social Organizations for Climate, an initiative of the Donors Forum. As part of the specialization in this area, the scope of the competition has changed, and from the "Ideas Factory" the "EKO Ideas Factory" was created.

About the Cemex "We Build the Future" Foundation.

"EKO Ideas Factory" is - next to the volunteer competition - one of the pillars of the activities of the Cemex Foundation "We Build the Future."

The Foundation is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year. Its goal is to support and co-create social initiatives undertaken in localities where Cemex production plants - cement plants, ready-mixed concrete plants and aggregate mines - operate.

The activities of the Cemex Foundation "We Build the Future" are part of the implementation of the Cemex Global Social Impact Strategy and the concept of sustainable development, contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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Cemex is a global building materials company that cares about a better future for future generations through sustainable products and solutions. Through continuous innovation and extensive research and development, the company strives to achieve climate neutrality.

Cemex is a leader in the closed-loop economy in the construction sector, and through the implementation of new technologies, it is also a pioneer in the use of alternative fuels and secondary raw materials in production processes. Cemex offers cement, ready-mixed concrete, aggregates and urbanization solutions in growing markets around the world, and its international team provides high-quality services to customers using digital technologies.

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