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ALURON facade systems with RC2 and RC3 burglar resistance classes!

15 of May '24

Burglar-proof classes are most often discussed in the case of window and door structures, forgetting that these are not the only partitions exposed to burglars. Glass facades of buildings are equally exposed to their efforts. So it's worth taking care of their safety as well and choosing systems with the highest security class, such as Aluron facades.

AF 50S

© Aluron


Although we would all wish otherwise, no structure, regardless of the material it is made of, can completely guarantee our safety. If burglars use the right tools and have enough time at their disposal, sooner or later they will force through any barrier. The task of burglar-proof structures is therefore to keep the criminals out long enough for them to be deterred from further action or for the appropriate intervention group (police or security) to arrive. In accordance with the requirements of PN-EN 1627:2021-11, a system of 6 classes of burglar resistance has been developed, from RC1 to RC6. The last two classes are mainly used in institutions and financial establishments, such as banks.

AF 50

© Aluron


Burglar-proof facades, like other partitions of this type, use composite packages made of tempered glass and special films. This way, if burglars damage the glass, despite the shattering, it will still form a coherent surface, thus delaying the intrusion. In addition, a special adhesive and sealing compound is used at the interface between the profile and the glazing package to make it difficult to push the glass into the building.


© Aluron


The TL Property Security Laboratory of the Łukasiewicz Research Network of the Warsaw Institute of Technology held a test of the burglary resistance of all Aluron facade systems: AF 50, AF 50S, AF 50EI. In the tested design variants, despite the use of a 50 kg pendulum striker, followed by hand tools, including a crowbar, the partitions were not forced through in less than 5 minutes. Thus, Aluron's facade systems have earned the RC2 and RC3 burglary protection classes.

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