Which gutters to choose?

22 of June '23
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  1. Gutters are responsible for the effective drainage of water and avoid the occurrence of moisture problems.
  2. The gutter system consists of gutters, downpipes, fittings, connectors, bolts, clamps, brackets and drains.
  3. You can choose from metal, PVC, zinc, ceramic and coated steel gutters.
  4. The cost of a gutter system varies depending on the size of the building, the type of materials used for gutters and pipes, and the chosen supplier.
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Are you building or renovating a house? Before buying gutters, read our tips! Gutter systems are an extremely important part of roof construction. They are designed to drain rainwater from its surface and protect the building from damage caused by moisture. There are many different types of gutter systems that can be used depending on your preferences, the style of the building and climatic conditions. Which gutter system to choose?

We choose gutters

From which company to choose gutters?

Choosing a reliable manufacturer of gutters is extremely important, because a properly designed and installed gutter system ensures effective drainage and avoids the occurrence of moisture problems. For example, you can buy gutters from Gamrat, which offers a wide range of quality products. Another trusted manufacturer is Lindab. Before making a decision, it's a good idea to read the reviews of other customers and consult a professional and a full list of recommended manufacturers can be found in the PdD portal search engine under the keyword "gutters."

Kupuj rynny od zaufanych producentów

Buy gutters from trusted manufacturers

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What does a gutter system consist of?

A gutter system consists of several components that work together to collect and drain water from a building's roof. Here are its main components:


Long and narrow channels that are fixed along the edge of the roof. Gutters are usually made of metal or plastic. Their function is to collect water flowing off the roof and direct it toward the downpipes.


Downpipes, also known as drainpipes, are the vertical components of a gutter system. They transport the water collected by the gutters from the upper level to the lower level, where it is then discharged outside the building. Drain pipes are usually made of metal or plastic.


Fittings connect gutters and downpipes. These are special elbows, connectors and tees that allow complex configurations and connections of gutters and pipes.

Na system rynnowy składają się: rynny, rury spustowe, kształtki, złączki, śruby, klamry, uchwyty i odpływy.

A gutter system consists of: gutters, downpipes, fittings, connectors, bolts, clamps, brackets and drains



Fittings are used to connect individual sections of gutters and downpipes. There are screwed, soldered, glued or snap-on fittings.

Screws, clamps or brackets

These items are used to secure the gutters to the roof of the building. Screws or brackets are used to secure the gutter firmly to the roof rafters or other supporting elements of the roof.


Drains are components installed at the end of downpipes that prevent leaves, branches and other debris from clogging the gutter system. Drains also allow controlled drainage of water from the roof to the ground surface.

What types of gutters are there?

Metal gutters

Gutters made of metal, such as steel, aluminum or copper, are popular for their durability, strength and aesthetics. They are corrosion-resistant and available in a variety of shapes, such as half-round, square or rectangular.

PVC gutters

PVC gutters are made of high-strength and weather-resistant plastic. They are easy to install and available in a variety of colors.

Zinc gutters

Zinc gutters are popular for their durability, aesthetics and natural corrosion resistance. Zinc is easy to mold and can be used in a variety of gutter shapes and sizes.

Ceramic gutters

Ceramic gutters are a traditional solution used in classic and historic construction. They are made of clay or ceramic, which are fired and coated with a glaze. Ceramic gutters are aesthetically pleasing and UV-resistant.

Steel gutters

Steel gutters are made of steel sheets with a protective coating for durability and corrosion resistance. They are available in a variety of colors and shapes.

Do wyboru mamy rynny metalowe, PCV, cynkowe, ceramiczne i stalowe powlekane.

Choose from metal, PVC, zinc, ceramic and coated steel gutters


How much does a gutter system cost?

The cost of a gutter system can vary depending on several factors, such as the size of the building, the type of materials used for the gutters and pipes, and the supplier chosen. The cost of gutter system components includes the price of materials, installation and installation accessories.

The cost of gutters depends on the type of material, length, width and quality. For example, aluminum gutters can cost from PLN 80 to 100 per meter, while for PVC gutters you have to pay from PLN 65 to 85 per meter. The cost of downpipes also depends on the material and length. For example, metal downpipes cost about PLN 50 per meter, while downpipes made of PVC cost about PLN 20 per meter. To this, you should add the cost of fittings and connectors (about PLN 20 a piece) and screws, clamps and brackets ( from PLN 5 to 10 a piece).

It is also worth considering the cost of installing the gutter system. If you opt for professional installation, the price of the service will vary depending on the local market and the complexity of the project.


Regardless of the type of gutter system you choose, regular maintenance and cleaning of your gutters is essential to maintain their efficiency and effectiveness. We encourage you to take advantage of the database of reputable and reliable Roofing and Roofing Accessories Manufacturers we are building in the PdD portal, as well as the articles we publish about the modern roofing and roofing accessories available on the market, adapted to changing trends and legal requirements.

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