Metal roof tiles. A solution for modern home

Minimalist forms, clean lines and muted colors - this is the most fashionable trend in modern construction. A modern house should have a consistent form from the foundations to the last tile. That's right! Will traditional red clay tiles fit visually with this concept? No - and they don't have to at all. It turns out that modern construction relies on lightweight, eco-friendly and affordable roof finishes. There's a reason why metal roof tiles and its many varieties dominate the building materials market. Check out how you can use them in your project!

Modern metal roof tiles - how does it differ from traditional materials?

We associate a traditional house with a red roof, covered with corrugated ceramic tiles. This is a beautiful image that has become firmly established in the landscape of Polish suburbs and villages. Today, however, when designing and building houses in a completely different style, we must opt for modern roof coatings.

A traditional tile is a ceramic or cement product in the form of regular tiles. Its advantages are durability and noble appearance. However, this material also has disadvantages: classic tile is brittle and heavy, and the installation process requires time and precision.

Metal roof tile, on the other hand, is a type of roofing, made of sheet metal. Its numerous varieties differ in the type of material used:

  • galvanized steel sheet,

  • aluminum,

  • stainless steel,

  • copper sheet,

  • aluminum-zinc sheet,

  • titanium-zinc sheet.

Each type of metal roof tile will have slightly different properties, which are further enhanced by varnish and protective coatings. The common denominator of these innovative products is lightness, ease of installation and durability calculated in decades .

Blachodachówka to rodzaj pokrycia dachowego, wykonanego z metalowej blachy. Jej właściwości różnią się w zależności od użytego materiału i sposobu wykończenia

Metal roof tile is a type of roofing, made of sheet metal. Its properties vary depending on the material its made of and the finish.

Photo Pixabay © Pexels

How much does a metal roof tile cost?

One of the biggest advantages of metal roof tile is its low cost. A good price for a metal roof tile is a strong argument for an investor choosing a material from this product group. However, you need to keep in mind that the price range of different types metal roof tiles is huge and most often related to their quality.

Let's show this with examples! The price of high-quality metal roof tile with polyester coating starts at PLN 50/m², while it rises to PLN 65 with an even more durable polyurethane coating. To the cost of the material you need to add the price of installation, which ranges from 20-30 PLN/m² (here it's worth knowing that laying ceramic tiles is twice as expensive!). However, this is still only a fraction of the cost of a proper roofing, which should include its insulation and finishing. For more detailed information on each of these stages, look at our artciles about roofs and roof accessories.

The final price of a finished roof may be in the range of 200-400 PLN/m². However, these are current prices for 2023, which are dynamically changing and increasing.

Jedną z największych zalet blachodachówki jest jej niski koszt. Musisz jednak pamiętać, że rozpiętość cen wśród tych materiałów jest bardzo duża i powiązana z ich jakością

One of the biggest advantages of metal roof tile is its low cost. However, you need to keep in mind that the price range among these materials is very large and related to their quality.

Photo by Blake Wheeler © Unsplash

A modern barn? Only a metal roof tile!

Buildings styled as modern barns are a strong trend in modern construction. Perhaps your plans are also heading in this direction? No wonder, the minimalism and raw beauty of this type of building makes your heart beat faster!

A key element of modernist style houses are consistent and thoughtful details that immediately catch the eye:

  • a simple gabled roof without eaves, unnecessary bends and bay windows,

  • the building's facade, which is a continuation of the roof covering,

  • a compact, modern form,

  • smooth surfaces in natural, muted colors,

  • large glazed windows and terrace doors.

The final appearance of a modern barn largly depends on the facade materials including the stylish roofing. What materials should be used to achieve the desired effect?

Flat metal roof tile - beauty lies in simplicity

A low-profile metal roof tile is one of the most obvious choices for a minimalist-style building. What does "low profile" mean? It is the distance between the top and bottom surfaces of the tile, which in this case is small. The lack of bulges and corrugations gives the tile an elegant appearance, and the entire roof surface a smooth texture. Flat metal roof tile is a relatively new product on the market, but its versatility is ideal for typically modern construction. You will find the widest range of low-profile metal roof tiles among the products of the renowned roofing manufacturer Blachy Pruszyński.

Seam panel - a harmonious roof with a smooth surface

A roof panel is a free interpretation of a metal roof tile that retains its advantages and introduces new possibilities. Panels are made of the same materials as the metal roof tiles, but have a modified shape and a slightly different installation system. Their basic elements are long and rectangular, and the characteristic seam is an interlocking bulges and cavities along the entire vertical edge. This design guarantees effective drainage of rainwater, and also increases the strength of the roof.

The magic of tile panels shows itself fully on smooth roofs with a large area. Such roofing makes it possible to achieve the effect of a flush sheet, separated only by narrow seams. A roof made of uniform panels appears light and harmonious, directly created for elegant buildings in a modernist style. Thanks to a wide range of colors and textures, seamed panels can be perfectly matched with other finishing elements. What's more! It is such a versatile product that designers are eager to place it on building facades too.

Brak uwypukleń i pofałdowań nadaje blachodachówce elegancki wygląd, a całej powierzchni dachu gładką fakturę

The lack of bulges and corrugations gives the tile an elegant appearance, and the entire roof surface a smooth texture

Photo by Alexander Andrews © Unsplash

Sheets or panels on a modern roof?

Manufacturers of metal roof tiles are outdoing themselves in improving their products so that any roof design is possible and easy to implement. Depending on your needs, you can order metal roof tiles in cut-to-size sheets or in smaller modules. Which solution will work for your project?

Metal roof tiles in sheets

Sheets of metal covering the roof have a fixed width, which is about 120 cm, and any length up to several meters. It is cut to the customer's needs. On roofs with a simple structure and a large area, long sheets are ideal - their installation is fast and efficient. The disadvantage of this product is the difficult transportation and waste of material, which occurs during precise cutting on site.

Modular metal roof tiles

Modules (or panels) of metal roof tiles are an ideal solution for ceilings of complex construction. If the design of the roof involves numerous bays, folds and openings for roof windows, then the covering material should be in the form of easy-to-fit panel puzzles. The modules of metal roof tiles maintain the width of the sheet (120 cm), but are much shorter - 35 cm or 70 cm as standard. Thanks to this, their transportation and adjustment to the specifics of the roof is much easier, and the roofer's work becomes faster and simpler.

Blachodachówka modułowa sprawdza się na dachach o złożonej konstrukcji. Mniejsze elementy ułatwiają montaż i są bardziej ekonomiczne

Modular metal roof tiles work well on roofs of complex construction. Smaller pieces make installation easier and more economical.

Photo by Aubrey Odom © Unsplash

Modern house up to the roof - what else do you need to know?

A building with modern aesthetics is the sum of many elements that should come together to form a harmonious whole. The roofing is just one piece of this puzzle! However, even in this case you need to prepare for many decisions, beacuse each of them will affect the cohesive appearance of your home. We suggest what else you should think about:

  • when deciding on a metal roof tile, you have a choice of color, type of embossing, matte or glossy surface, as well as additional protection against corrosion and even the sound of falling rain,

  • choose lightweight and durable roof windows that visually match the appearance of the roof coating,

  • any roof structure will need finishing touches - make sure they are aesthetically pleasing,

  • make sure that your design offers the possibility of installing a photovoltaic system, now or in the future,

  • go for minimalism - opt for a discreet drainage system with hidden gutters.

This article is the essence of knowledge about metal roof tiles, which will be helpful at the initial stage of designing your dream roof. However, it is worth knowing that it is such an innovative and diverse product that new varieties appear on the market every month. Keep your hand on the pulse and don't stop looking for the perfect solution for your needs!

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