New: Lindab concealed gutter system

27 of September '22

Gutter hidden in the facade is the latest trend in construction, which is gaining more and more supporters among individual investors. Lindab engineers have developed a concealed gutter system that provides excellent watertightness, based on the proven Lindab Rainline steel gutter systems.

Modern buildings require unconventional construction solutions to further enhance their character. The Lindab concealed gutter system complements Lindab's wide range of gutter and roofing systems. It is also a nod to architects and individual investors going with the times, who are fascinated by simple and modern building blocks. Their creation would not be possible without the use of innovative construction solutions that are not only functional, made with attention to every detail, safe for the house and its inhabitants, but also aesthetic.

Lindab's concealed gutter system blends perfectly into the compact body of houses with pitched roofs, i.e. barn-style houses, which are very popular nowadays and cheaper to build. It allows you to safely hide steel downpipes inside the facade and aesthetically connect the eaveless roof with the body of the building.

System rynny ukrytej

Concealed gutter system

- 1. gutter fascia with a roof louver left - 2. straight fascia - 3. outer corner - 4. inner corner
- 5. gutter fascia with roof lid right - 6. wood base flashing 1 - 7. wood base flashing 2.
- 8. butt gutter hook with adjustment - 9. opening bezel

© Lindab

The only visible component of the concealed gutter system is an aesthetically pleasing fascia made of durable, weather-resistant coated sheet metal. The fascia is mounted directly on level-adjustable hooks. Proper shaping of the grille is both reinforcement and stiffening of the element, protecting the entire system from strong winds. Safe installation is possible thanks to the hooks, mounted at 600 mm intervals. The 150 mm hook is adjustable, so that the grille is always in a horizontal position. The hooks are coated with Magestic - an innovative material using zinc coating, which has been strengthened by adding 3% magnesium and 3.5% aluminum to the alloy. This solution allows the product to last up to 20 times longer than a pure zinc coating.

Lindab's concealed gutter system comes in two colors: black and dark graphite so that it blends perfectly with Lindab roofing - simple and modern in form Lindab FAP and PLX standing seam sheets and Lindab SRP Click roof panels. The concealed gutter was based on the Lindab Rainline gutter system. The warranty period for the product is 30 years.

More information about Lindab's concealed gutter system.

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