Innovation encapsulated in pure form

12 of November '21

Innovation encapsulated in a pure form

TheScottish and Scottish de Lux sheet metal roofing has been designed in accordance with the latest architectural trends. The minimalist form combines exceptional aesthetics, functionality and durability, ensuring resistance to the passage of time and passing trends.


Scotch roof tile de Lux


For its production we use the highest quality steel from the best European steel mills, which guarantees the highest class of product among steel roofing.

Scotch Tile is a hybrid solution.

Modern machinery allows us to produce this sheet metal roofing in both modular and classic versions - cut to size. Scotch de Lux is a modular solution that provides easy, efficient and fast installation, especially economically justified in the case of roofs of diverse and complex form.


Quattro de Lux metal roofing tile


The experience we have gathered, comments and customer feedback have allowed us to create a product with unique advantages that will satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers, while making us a forerunner in modern roofing design.


Scottish sheet metal roofing tile de Lux


For more information, visit the company's BLACH-POL Krzysztofik, Pałyga Sp. J. page on the A&B portal.

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