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Thermal insulation, safety and durability are important criteria to follow when choosing a garage door. However, this is not all. The latest technology, which contributes to the development of joinery, can also satisfy the natural human need for beauty. However, technology alone is not enough - it must be accompanied by the manufacturer's awareness of the diversity of consumer tastes and expectations.

Hörmann, Europe's leader in door joinery, offers customers a wide range of garage doors: up-and-over, swing, roller and sectional. Due to their excellent technical parameters and high aesthetic qualities, we especially recommend the latter.

Brama segmentowa ALR F42 VITRAPLAN

Sectional door ALR F42 VITRAPLAN

© Hörmann

Variety of infills and surfaces

Sectional garage doors can be made from a variety of materials. This allows you to realize even very original designs and perfectly match the door to the architectural style of the house. For example, for buildings with an industrial style, the ART 42 gate made of aluminum profiles filled with glass will be ideal. If you like glass and want a unique effect, you can choose a sectional gate ALR F42 VITRAPLAN with surface glazing. The uniform glazed front of the garage door is an eye-catcher and an elegant finishing touch to modern buildings. We also offer solid wood sectional doors, which are particularly well suited to houses with wooden facade elements. However, the most popular and most frequently chosen are LPU gates built of steel segments filled with polyurethane foam with different types of surfaces: smooth, semi-matte, structured or woodgrain.

Segmentowa brama garażowa z powierzchnią Duragrain, wzór indywidualny

Sectional garage door with Duragrain surface, individual design

© Hörmann

New direction

Architectural studios are creating more and more interesting designs, so manufacturers of door joinery need to offer doors that offer a wide range of design possibilities. In an effort to respond to market needs, Hörmann has expanded its range to include doors with Duragrain surfaces made using modern digital printing technology. This innovative method makes it possible to apply patterns on the outer surface of the sectional door that faithfully imitate natural materials, such as concrete, rusted steel or various types of wood. A wide selection of patterns (25!) gives you the freedom to match the gate to the style of the building. Above all, however, this method creates the possibility of making a unique gate with an individual design, which can be a favorite photo or reproduction of a work of art, which sparks the imagination and inspires really bold designs. The decorative surface is coated with a protective varnish, so it retains a beautiful appearance for many years.

Energy-efficient and safe

The appearance of a garage door is very important, but other features are also important on a daily basis. If the garage is connected to the house, the gate should prevent heat loss as much as possible. Excellent thermal insulation is guaranteed by the LPU 67 Thermo sectional door, built with 67 mm thick segments and equipped with double lip seals between the segments and a double sill seal. Thanks to this construction, the heat transfer coefficient U is as low as 1.0 W/(m2∙K). And if during installation we use the ThermoFrame profile, which minimizes the formation of thermal bridges between the garage wall and the door frame, this parameter can be as high as 0.88 W/(m2∙K).

The garage door must also ensure the safety of the householders. All of our motorized sectional gates have mechanical protection against their undermining. To increase the security level of the gate (including the one already installed), you can also equip it with a special burglar-proof kit of RC 2 class. Safety is also ensured by the certified BiSecur radio control system, which guarantees maximum protection of the signal (transmitted between the remote control and the operator) against copying by unauthorized persons.

Dzięki aplikacji BlueSecur możliwa jest obsługa bramy za pomocą smartfona

Thanks to the BlueSecur app, it is possible to operate the gate via a smartphone

© Hörmann

The operators Hörmann offers use advanced technologies and allow you to operate your gate remotely and quickly not only with a remote control, digitally coded controller or fingerprint scanner, but also with your own smartphone or smart home systems. We particularly recommend the Hörmann homee Brain smart home system for controlling the gate, door and other devices in the house via an app on the home network or from anywhere over the Internet.

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