Your dream fence at your fingertips!

The fence is the business card of the house, it should present itself impeccably

We offer a full complement of fencing, from the sliding or swinging entrance gate, wicket with an elegant handle, through the media post with a letterbox, street name and house number and the possibility of installing any intercom, up to the spans. Each element is prepared to size according to the individual needs of the customer, in any color, including the very popular effect of imitation wood.
In the offer quite a few models, more or less covering. We also provide professional installation services of our products.

Ogrodzenie palisadowe model Classic, kolory z palety Ral

Palisade fence Classic model, colors from Ral palette

© Fello

What distinguishes us?

The material used in production is mainly aluminum, and attention to detail and great attention to detail is a recipe for premium quality products. In addition, we specialize in innovative powder coating by sublimation. This technology allows for the natural effect of wood on aluminum, and is gaining popularity due to its durability and eco-friendliness. An assortment for people who appreciate great quality and excellent design.

Lamele elewacyjne aluminiowe, efekt imitacji drewna

Aluminum facade laths, wood imitation effect

© Fello

Slats imitating wood

Solutions more and more boldly used in architecture, especially the strongly modern, often prestigious. They give a lot of arrangement possibilities, visually they look phenomenal, and the final effect delights everyone. To be used mainly externally as a finish for facades or fence walls, but also as free-standing elements in the garden.

Fello brand products, modern and unconventional. Our products meet the expectations of demanding customers.

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