Fastest, safest and modern gate automation

The fastest, safe and modern gate automation

For several years, the automatic gate has become a standard in modern construction. Virtually every new homeowner supplies his gate with a drive.

Napęd do bram
garażowych JIM. Naciąg na pasek kewlarowy – wysoka kultura pracy.

JIM garage door operator. Kevlar belt tension - high operating culture.

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Convenience is one of the main factors in the development of the gate automation industry. For more than 40 years of operation, BENINCA has placed special emphasis on the selection of suitable materials for the manufacture of its equipment and the comfort of the operator. With the development of technology and in order to guarantee safety, the company applies the most modern solutions to its products. There are many features that a safe drive for a gate or garage door should have.


Key product features:

  • all products are equipped with personal keys for manual unlocking in the event of a power outage, which increases the user's security against a thief entering the property;
  • 24V DC actuators - the ability to be powered by rechargeable batteries in the event of a power outage from the grid;
  • a wide range of products ensures optimal selection of the actuator in relation to the weight of the gate, which guarantees long and safe use;
  • use of the highest quality materials: actuator gears made of steel and bronze immersed in an oil bath are a guarantee of service life;
  • encoder and amperometric obstacle detection system causes the gate to reverse if a person or vehicle appears in the entrance light;
  • soft start allows the gate to move smoothly, which has a great impact on the life of the device;
  • photocell line - in the light of the entrance and in the case of swing gates, an additional line in the opening phase of the gate causes that if a pedestrian or a vehicle appears in the light of the passage during the closing or opening phase, the gate will stop without posing a threat to the user;
  • Warning lamp - informs people in the presence of the gate of its movement.

Napęd do bram
przesuwnych BULL. Produkowany w wielu wersjach od 400 kg do 2000 kg

BULL sliding gate operator. Produced in many versions from 400 kg to 2000 kg

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All of the above and many other features and functions are provided by BENINCA gate automation products. The most popular and guaranteeing safety of use are by gate type:

Swing gates:

  • BILL40M - for swing gates universal for gates set on both metal and wide clinker posts
  • BOB21M - for swing gates with limit switches in the opening and closing phases.

Sliding gates:

  • BULL624 TURBO - for sliding gates, the fastest on the market. The 4 m gate opens in 6 seconds.
  • BULL8OM.S - for sliding gates in oil bath, bronze and hardened steel gearbox.

Garage doors:

  • JIM.3 and JIM.4ESA - for garage doors.

Siłowniki BOB do
bramy skrzydłowej. Przekładnia z brązu i stali hartowanej.

BOB swing gate actuators. Bronze and hardened steel gearbox.

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Your property is located on the street and waiting for the gates to open is stressful and dangerous?
TURBO series actuators open gates twice as fast as standard actuators available on the Polish market. Technologically advanced and equipped with 2 safety systems encoder and amperometric overload. The range of the fastest TURBO actuators on the market by Beninca is very wide, and so for swing gates are produced: BILL 4024, KBN, KMB, Premier 24, for sliding gates BULL624TURBO, BULL1224 TURBO, BULL17OMI, for garage doors JIM.3 ESA TURBO. The most modern gate automation should be characterized by a guarantee of user safety and protection of the property. We buy a gate operator for many years and for many years it should guarantee reliability and safety. Let's not save money - especially since the savings are small on the scale of fencing or construction costs.

For more information, visit the company's BENINCA POLONIA Sp. z o.o. page on thePdD portal.