What does the apartment at Złota 44 look like? The interior is full of good design

06 of May '24
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  1. The interior was designed by Weronika Król and Marta Żebrowska-Wojczuk of the mow.design studio.
  2. The apartment is located at Złota 44 in Warsaw.
  3. In the corner, architects created relaxation zone.
  4. The interior features, among others, a console designed by Oskar Zięta, graphics by Wojciech Pąkowski and a glass sculpture by Aleksandra Kujawska.
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Weronika Król and Marta Żebrowska-Wojczuk of the mow.design studio designed the interior of the apartment located in the building at Złota 44. The apartment is located on the 46th floor and provides a beautiful view of the capital city.

Under the sky of Warsaw

The apartment is as large as 160 sqm. It consists of a living area with an open kitchen and dining room, as well as two private bedrooms with attached bathrooms. The investors wanted the interiors to be refreshed, without interfering with the functional layout or changing the finishing materials used by the developer. The spectacular scenery outside the window and the owners' expectations required the creation of a coherent and subdued composition. Everything was maintained in a color scheme based mainly on beiges, grays and browns. The colors, textures and furniture used by the architects were chosen to form a consistent whole with the warm wood introduced into the interiors by the developer. The result is an elegant space that maintains the unique character of the center of Warsaw.

Wnętrze utrzymane jest w stonowanych barwach

The interior is kept in subdued colors

Styling: Anna Salak Photo: Martyna Rudnicka

Art and design

Polish art and iconic designs have also been incorporated into the arrangement. It is an important aspect for investors. The console designed by Oskar Zięta creates a harmonious whole with the graphics by Wojciech Pąkowski. Geometric vase by Guaxs is an additional decoration. Meanwhile, two tall mirrors by DeCastelli reflect the spacious living area. The Roger sofa designed by Rodolfo Dordoni for Minotti is distinguished by its soft form and upholstering style. The roundness of the lounge is broken by a simple armchair and a glass sculpture by Aleksandra Kujawska. The table designed by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby for B&B Italia has a sculptural form. Its distinctive statuesque appearance adds a bit of modernist style to the interior and enriches it with an atmosphere of mystery.

W mieszkaniu znajdziemy m.in. projekty Oskara Zięty Z mieszkania rozpościera się piękny widok na panoramę Warszawy

The apartment features designs by Oskar Zięta

Styling: Anna Salak Photo: Martyna Rudnicka


In the living room our attention is drawn to two unusual elements. The first one is a large-format gold bas-relief by Igor Dobrowolski. The object is full of angular shapes and sharp elements, which have been complemented with rock crystal. The golden color brings up obvious associations with glamour and luxury. However, the artist has included inscriptions and drawings that tell stories of the unregulated situation of blue-collar workers around the world.

Autorem złotej płaskorzeźby jest Igor Dobrowolski

The gold relief is made by Igor Dobrowolski

Styling: Anna Salak Photo: Martyna Rudnicka

The second object is the Pyrite pendant lighting by BOMMA. The lamp is formed by a cascade of hand-formed crystal cubes. They are surrounded on three sides by polished metal. The collection was inspired by pyrite, a golden stone in the shape of a perfect cube. The silver version of the lampshade refers to salt crystals.

Lampa nawiązuje do kryształków soli

The lamp refers to salt crystals

Styling: Anna Salak Photo: Martyna Rudnicka

A corner with a view

The architects created a relaxation area in a corner with a view of the Palace of Culture and Science. Investors can admire the panorama of Warsaw while relaxing on a Mart chair designed by Antonio Citterio for B&B Italia. There is also room for art. Sculpture by Wojciech Pąkowski contrasts with the austere nature of the building's structure. The designers decided not to cover up the unusual triangular shape of this space. On the contrary, they emphasized it with an irregularly shaped carpet.

W narożniku mieszkania zaaranżowano strefę relaksu

A relaxation zone was arranged in the corner of the apartment

Styling: Anna Salak Photo: Martyna Rudnicka

Coherent continuity

The arrangement of the bedrooms refers to the common areas. Here also, you will find beige, graphite and brown. These colors have been further warmed up with structured fabric wallpaper. The master bedroom got equipped with a modular system that blends into the layout of the room and divides the long wall. An original Gweilo Qin Prachilna lamp was placed next to the bed instead of a nightstand. Wall got decorated by the graphic made by Wojciech Pąkowski.

Ściana za łóżkiem została wyłożona tekstylną tapetą

The wall behind the bed was lined with textile wallpaper

Styling: Anna Salak Photo: Martyna Rudnicka

The guest bedroom is optically enlarged by the use of an open closet. Mirrored drawer fronts add lightness to the built-ins. They also reflect the famous Plopp stool by Oskar Zięta.

Aranżacja sypialni jest spójna z częściami wspólnymi Otwarta garderoba i lustrzane fronty optycznie powiększają sypialnię

Open closet and mirrored fronts optically enlarge the bedroom.

Styling: Anna Salak Photo: Martyna Rudnicka

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